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Process Information – Fargo Community Water Tower

In the fall of 2020, an artist team was hired to develop a process for community engagement and from that, creation of a design for possible use on a new water tower near University Drive South and 7th Avenue North. Water towers are critical infrastructure, but can provide a canvas to feature public art. The Fargo Community Water Tower project is an example of integrating art and infrastructure, which is a goal of the Public Art Master Plan.

The Fargo Community Water Tower project features a community-based design approach, which is creation with people rather than for. The community was invited to participate and engage in conversation that would inform a design for the new water tower. Fargo residents, leaders, youth, neighbors, artists and non-artists participated in conversations and surveys to gather people’s feelings, ideas and stories about the Fargo community. This information was interpreted and synthesized by the design team into five conceptual designs, which were then reviewed and refined to two. In October 2020, the Fargo Arts and Culture Commission recommended a design and color scheme for inclusion on bid documents for the water tower, which was affirmed by Mayor Mahoney. Ultimately, the City Commission will determine if the new design is installed in lieu of a City logo.

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