Frequently Asked Questions

Why public art?
The City of Fargo envisions a livable community where integrating public art into city initiatives, neighborhood revitalization efforts and private developments is a norm; where every citizen, worker and visitor in Fargo has the opportunity to freely experience quality art and creative expression as part of their daily lives.

How do I apply for grants/sponsorship?
Fill out a Creative Capital Sponsorship Application and a Memorandum of Understanding and return to the City of Fargo Planning Department in order to be placed on the next available Arts and Culture Commission Agenda.

If my project is selected what types of permit and authorizations will I need?
The Planning Department will coordinate with the applicant and all applicable City Departments for any permits needed.

What is an RFP or RFQ?
RFP is an acronym for Request for Proposal. RFQ is an acronym for Request for Qualifications seeking information from artists for several projects or future projects when a specific proposal is not necessary.

What are the selection criteria?

  1. Creativity of submitted artwork
  2. Quality of artwork
    • Aesthetic Quality
    • Quality and Elements of Design
    • Public Liability
  3. Site Compatibility
  4. Encompass one of the five themes of the Fargo Public Art Master Plan or a site specific theme selected for the site.
  5. Artist is a resident of The City of Fargo, the local region or neighboring Moorhead.