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City of Fargo Backyard Chicken Keeping Ordinance

Click on the links below to access sections of the Fargo Municipal Code referring to backyard chicken keeping.

Chapter 12: Control and Protection of Animals, Birds and Fowl.

  • This section contains the stipulations in the chicken keeping ordinance.
  • Article 12-03 - Domestic Fowl, wild birds, and pets. Refer to section 12-0306 through 12-0315.

Chapter 20: Land Development Code.

  • Allows the keeping of chickens as an accessory use to household living.
  • Article 20-04 – Use Regulations. Refer to section 20-0403 – Accessory Uses, E. Keeping of Chickens
  • Article 20-1203 - Use Categories, C. Residential Use Categories, 2. Household Living, b. Accessory Uses