Fargo Youth Initiative

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Fargo Youth Initiative - October 15, 2017 Minutes

Sunday, Ocotober 15, 2017
Atomic Coffee

Members in attendance
• Taylor Bowen
• Martha Denton
• Tate Fisher
• Ameena Jovonovich
• Dylan Lee
• Jack Lingle
• Nidhi Mahale
• Ed Shen
• Page Shoer
• Kyle Tekautz
• Saige Thurlow
• My Hein Tran
• Katie Wieers

Board member candidates
• Co-Chairs Candidates: Martha Denton, Nidhi Mahale, and Kyle Tekautz
• Secretary Candidates: Taylor Bowen, Martha Denton, Dylan Lee, and Morgan Mastrud
• Treasurer Candidates: Ameena Jovonovich and Tate Fisher

Candidates gave short speeches then FYI members voted on slips of paper

Election results
• Co-Chairs: Nidhi Mahale (Davies) and Kyle Tekautz (North)
• Secretary: Martha Denton (North)
• Treasurer: Tate Fisher (North)

Discussed volunteer opportunities
• Martha Denton and Kyle Tekautz shared Red River Market opportunity

Brainstormed ideas using Power Half-Hour boards
• More city wide events
• Promote activities in Fargo
• Use FYI Twitter to inform youth about events
• Event with local artists and musicians
• Student art show