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Board of Health - June 1, 2018 Minutes

Regular Meeting: Friday, June 1, 2018

Present: Vern Bennett, Dinah Goldenberg, Chelsey Matter, John Strand, and Mike Thorstad
Absent: Chris Anderson, MD
Others Present: Larry Anenson, John Baird, MD; Desi Fleming, Doug Murphy, Melissa Perala, Ruth Roman, Leah Siewert, Ken Tinquist, and Kim Vance

Chelsey Matter, Chair called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Last minute change in location, we are at the Oak Room, 1240 25th Street South,

Approve minutes: Dinah Goldenberg made a motion to approve the April 20, 2018 meeting minutes. Mike Thorstad seconded and motion carried.

2019 Budget: Ruth, timeline for approval is pushed forward because of new laws at the state level. Discussed not having historical data available for 2018, budget adjustments changes throughout the year, new mission and vision, 149 employees, combined harm reduction budgets because of growth, and growing needs in line with community improvement project with alcohol and opioid abuse. Grant funding seem to be stable from the state and federal. We are seeing more population based services. Accreditation site visit is June 27 and 28th. The facility that houses Gladys Ray Shelter needs renovation or finding another site in the City of Fargo. Our goal has been to decrease services but the reality is that services are needed. The shelter is at capacity and it is in need of physical repairs.

Vern talked about States and Counties suing big pharma because of the opioids crisis. Dr. Baird has tracked the human loss but the fiscal number would be harder. County Commission will be looking at this issue next week. John Strand the biggest challenge is providing care. Discussion on root cause but services are needed, state attorney general, local state attorney going along with state, and Chelsey asked that numbers be shared.

Handouts were circulated and Ruth began with Financial Operational Measures related to our community health improvement plan. Highlighted immunization rates, adult smoking rate is not tracked every year, adult binge drinking is going up, alcohol related death has gone down, alcohol compliance rates have gone down, skyrocketing vaping product use, applying for grant to give support and treatment after Narcan, and Chelsey asked to see data on a more frequent basis.

Summary of Proposed 2018 Budget Changes for Expenses: Highlighted each division with a bottom line Revenue of $117,114 over expenses, which means less from the City General Fund.

Expenses: Explained decrease in $132,000 for Ryan White because of SENDCAA contract. Increase is due to adding back to the line item reduction from the city budget team in previous years.

Revenues: Discussed increase in MCH grant, decrease from United Way for NFP nurses, Essentia and Sanford are funding mobile outreach program, and Cass County increase is based on staff salary increases.

Cass County and Correctional Health: Increased from 10% to 25% public health nurse coordinator for oversight and programming, numbers and acuity are high in correctional health, cross training of officers for medication pass, and nursing services have reduced Ambulance ER visits.

Dinah Goldenberg made a motion to approve budget for 2019. Mike Thorstad seconded and motion carried.

Special meeting in July to recommend Health Officer: Ruth sent RFP to Chelsey for review. Need two Board of Health members to interview so recommendations goal is July 30. John Stand and Chelsey Matter volunteered. Because of school board election timing Dinah willing to work on board until August unofficially.

Next Meeting: August 17, 2018