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How do I get the water turned on to my new home or apartment?
To sign up for utility service, which includes water and trash collection, call the City of Fargo Auditor's Office at 701.241.1324 or send an email.

How do I get a tree planted on my boulevard?
Before planting a tree on the boulevard, please call the Fargo Forestry Department to obtain a planting permit. This can also be done online using our Planting Permit Request Form. The Forestry Department will issue the permit, stake the boulevard, and specify which species of trees can be planted. During certain times of the year, forestry staff will also plant the trees for free. Call 701.241.1465 for more information or to schedule planting.

How do I get utility companies to mark our yard so I can dig?
Call North Dakota One Call at 1.800.795.0555.

How do I dispose of tree branches?
The Forestry Department provides a brush recycling program from May through October (weather permitting). Branches should be on the boulevard by 7 a.m. on the recycling day.

How do I get rid of large items like furniture, building material, etc. (other than during Cleanup Week)?
Call the Fargo Solid Waste Department at 701.241.1449 or send an email for options. Solid waste crews can collect the material for a fee, or items may be taken to the Fargo landfill (rate will depend on weight). For large amounts, please call the Solid Waste Office for temporary container rates.

How do I get permission to discharge my sump pump into the sanitary sewer?
A seasonal waiver allows property owners to discharge directly into the sanitary sewer between October 1 and March 31. To obtain a seasonal waiver, call 701.461.SUMP or download an application form.