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How to display addresses
How to display addresses

Posting Your Address

It is important that all buildings post addresses that are clearly visible and in compliance. Addresses should be posted on the front of buildings near the entrance of the structure and must be visible from the street in which the property is located. For buildings that are not visible from the street, addresses should be posted at the street entrance.

Homes and single tenant units must post numbers that are a minimum of four inches (4”) in height, minimum 0.5” stroke plainly legible and visible from the street. Non-numeric posting of street addresses (i.e. Two Thousand Thirty-Five instead of 2035) are not permitted, except where accompanied by standard numeric postings.

Multiple dwelling units, commercial and industrial buildings must post solid numbers, a minimum of six inches (6”) in height and one inch (1”) in width, and must contrast with the background they are posted on.