Special Assessment Commission

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Special Assessment Hearing Minutes

Thursday, August 29, 2023, 9:00 AM City Commission Chambers, City Hall

Special Assessment Commissioners Present: Steve Bladholm, Randy Engelstad, Dylan Dunn, Chairperson
City Staff Present: Dan Eberhardt, Linda Stewart, Doug Durgin, Nathan Boerboom, Steve Sprague

Chairman Dylan Dunn called the hearing to order at 9:00 AM.

Chairman Dunn introduced the Special Assessment Commissioners and City of Fargo staff and
he gave a brief description of the hearing procedures.

PR-22-F, Asphalt Mill & Overlay, Section 4
Jane Williams, 3613 River Drive South addressed the commissioners in regards to the project. Ms.
Williams feels that heavy truck traffic is the reason River Drive was in need of repairs.

Assistant City Engineer Nathan Boerboom responded to Ms. Williams that the City of Fargo has
a pavement management schedule that identifies roadways in need of repair. He said that
other roadways near River Drive are also in need of repairs and that the age of the roadway is
more of a factor.

Ms. Williams hopes that the City of Fargo will find some additional funding to help pay for the
repairs she feels were caused by previous floods and by trucks moving homes out of the
neighborhood for flood control.

Ms. Williams’ concerns will be forwarded as a protest to the City Commission hearing on
October 2, 2023.

BN-21-B, New Paving & Utility Construction, Madelyn Meadows Fourth Addition & 25th Street South
Randy Prigelmeier, 7313 University Drive addressed the commission. He thought the notice he
received was related to the road connection on 73rd Avenue South from 14th Street to University Drive.
It was explained to him that the notice he received was for an oversize sanitary sewer main on
25th Street. He responded that he has a septic tank. Dan Eberhardt explained that when the
septic tank fails, he will be able to connect to the City of Fargo sanitary sewer.

Mr. Prigelmeier had no additional questions and will not be listed as a protester for BN-21-B.

BN-21-L, New Paving & Utility Construction, Veteran’s Boulevard & 53rd Avenue South
Linda Dybsand representing LL & L LLLP, 5621 53 Avenue South addressed the commission. Ms.
Dybsands concern is that her estimate letter was quite less than her final notice she received.
Doug Durgin responded to Ms. Dybsand that he would look into the discrepancies and get back
to her with an explanation.

Ms. Dybsand's concerns will be forwarded as a protest to the City Commission hearing on
October 2, 2023.

On a motion by Steve Bladholm, seconded by Randy Engelstad, the hearing was adjourned at
9:18 AM.