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Housing & Redevelopment Authority - June 12, 2018 Minutes

regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held June 12th, 2018 at 1:30 PM in the Main Conference Room, 325 Broadway, and Fargo, North Dakota.

FHRA Staff Present
Lynn Fundingsland, Jill Elliott, Amy Rissmann, Steve Eickhoff , Scott Noeske Rose Kramer, Matthew Pike (via phone)

FHRA Board Members Present
Karen Moore Bryce Alme-Johnson Thomas Jefferson Tonna Horsley

Consent Agenda
RESOLUTION #2018-06-01
Jefferson/Horsley BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA June Consent Agenda is approved.

Additions to Agenda

Mr. Noeske reviewed the balance sheet and cash flow statements for April 2018 and responded to questions.

Capital Projects
FHRA received a thirty percent increase in the capital fund budget for 2018. Work on RAD continues and for the New Horizons project, some residents have started to return to units. The contractor continues to work on units, plus the communal areas and offices.

Deputy Director
Residents at Lashkowitz High Rise met to discuss concerns about security and moving due to FHRA’s Section 18 application for rehabilitating the building. Staff, including the incoming FHRA Executive Director attended Regional NAHRO in Vail, CO and participated in leadership training at the conference. At Bright Sky property, staff are working to fill the targeted number of units. At this time, it is a challenge because FHRA has not received enough resident applications. Deputy Director Jill Elliott is working on an application for a Mainstream Voucher Grant for 250 vouchers.

Old Business
Status update for New Horizons RAD Project
FHRA closed on the construction loan and investor financing in May. Several tenants have been placed offsite with a property management company to allow the contractors access to a third apartment stack in order to finish the project by December 2018. Due to inadequate tile adhesion in the bathrooms, tile needed to come out. This exposed a material which contains asbestos, but less than one percent. At the time of the discovery, FHRA hired a contractor to remediate the issue. This was before the loan closed. Since the loan has closed,
ownership of the building has transferred to the partnership and FHRA does not have the authority to hire a contractor. Until we can get the contract transferred to the partnership, FHRA will pay the contractor invoices and then get reimbursed by the partnership, so construction will not be interrupted.

Scattered Sites fire damaged unit
The City of Fargo Inspection Department gave FHRA permission to rehabilitate the unit. Capital Improvements Manager Steve Eickhoff is working with contractors on quotes to restore the unit.

Lashkowitz Section 18 progress
FHRA is working on a list of things to complete for the project. This includes resident notification per HUD guidelines, making plans for relocation, collecting additional cost estimates, getting a support letter from the City, and obtaining an environmental review, among other things.

New Business
Board meeting with Fargo Mayor and staff
FHRA board members and staff met with City of Fargo Mayor to discuss the situation between Beyond Shelter Inc. (BSI) and FHRA. The City is working towards a resolution between the FHRA and BSI properties for FHRA to retain the Right of First Refusal.

Financial forecast
Finance Manager Scott Noeske explained FHRA’s financial forecast and how are future development projects may affect it.

ED change, housekeeping items
Lynn asked that he extend his last day of employment to go through the end of June until the incoming Executive Director Matthew Pike starts. Mr. Pike is scheduled to begin employment during the first week in July. President Moore expressed gratitude for all the time and effort Mr. Fundingsland has put into the FHRA over the last nineteen years.

The regular meeting was adjourned and moved into Executive Session to discuss the new Executive Director transition.

The regular meeting re-opened.

RESOLUTION #2018-06-02
Alme-Johnson/Jefferson BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA approves a motion to compensate new Executive Director Matthew Pike at a weekly rate of ten percent of usual compensable wage for period of 5/24/2018 – 6/28/2018.

RESOLUTION #2018-06-03
Jefferson/Alme-Johnson BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA approved to extend Lynn Fundingsland’s full-time employment through 6/29/2018.

The next meeting is scheduled for August 14th, 2018, at 1:30 PM.