Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Boards, Commissions & Committees


December 11th, 2018


Matthew Pike - Amy Rissmann - Tracy Lunak - Greta Wagner - Steve Eickhoff - Rose Kramer - Kirsten Stave


Karen Moore - Michael Leier - Thomas Jefferson

BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA November 2018 minutes are approved unanimously.

BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA December 2018 Consent Agenda is approved unanimously.



Tracy Lunak reviewed her financials as submitted. The CoCC analysis will help to ensure there is sustainability and improvement in revenue.

Capital Projects
Steve Eickhoff reviewed his report as submitted. Capital remodels continue to be underway for scattered sites. Work on RAD continues, and work in common areas and offices has also started. Per the New Horizons project, the general contractor is working on the last two stacks and tenants are returning to units.

Deputy Director
In Jill Elliott's absence, Matthew Pike reviewed her report as submitted. FHRA was awarded 40 vouchers for the Family Unification Program (FUP) as a result of a decade-long wait to see this grant renewed. FHRA is the only grantee in North Dakota. The Mainstream Voucher Award for 50 families began HUD funding this month. There are already 10 households under contract. Bright Sky is fully occupied and met all targets for compliance. New Horizons is also on target to meet all compliances deadlines, and all units are spoken for.


Lashkowitz High Rise update
Regarding the COCC analysis, FHRA has contracted with Casterline to do an audit studying the impact of redevelopment. This analysis should be completed mid-January. FHRA continues to meet with the city and materials are being compiled to present to the city for a proposal review.

New Horizon update
Compliance and lease up activities are on schedule, with two back-up tenants per unit. Construction is working on the last two stacks. Everything but the in-unit bathrooms are completed. Remaining construction (other than units) will continue into the first half of 2019.

Property Sales update
Two single-standing and one duplex non-mission-oriented properties are for sale. FHRA sold one property, 3102 Dakota Park Circle. We are in the process of considering a fourth building.

Yardi training
Yardi training will take place January 14-18th. The training consultant will spend one day with each department, as well as complete cross-training between departments to ensure a thorough staff understanding.

Sentry Security small claims action
Sentry Security filed a Small Claims suit for $13,500 against FHRA regarding the right of first refusal upon termination. Following a trial in Small Claims court, the case was dismissed.

Unemployment Claims
Amy Rissmann updated the board regarding four recent unemployment claims. The claims are closed and will result in one $3,400 payout. FHRA will continue to investigate unemployment insurance coverage.

2019 rents
FHRA will complete an analysis and do a discussion of raising rents for 2019.


Reauthorize Steve Eickhoff as purchasing agent
Steve Eickhoff was previously authorized under Lynn Fundingsland's leadership, and it is best practice to reauthorize under Matthew Pike's leadership.

BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to change the reauthorize Steve Eickhoff as purchasing agent is approved.

Pension plan including appoint Mr. Pike as trustee

BE IT RESOLVED, the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority Pension Plan is amended, effective July 1, 2018, (as Amendment Number 001) to name G. Matthew Pike as an authorized Pension

Relocation contract

BE IT RESOLVED, G. Matthew Pike is authorized to execute and enter into a contract with H.C. Peck for relocation services for future development projects and allow Mr. Pike or his designee to represent the Fargo Housing and Redevelopment Authority for the duration of that contract.

2019 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)

BE IT RESOLVED, the motion for the 3% Cost of Living Allowance pay increase for Fargo Housing & Redevelopment Authority is approved.

Commissioner training
FHRA will review the NAHRO record of commissioner training to determine opportunities for commissioner training in the 2019 calendar year.

Strategic planning process
It is an objective to hold a facilitated commissioner retreat and then move toward strategic planning process in the 2019 calendar year. This will guide an effective performance management system.

Holiday PTO for 12/14 and 12/24 from 11 :30 AM through end of day

BE IT RESOLVED, the motion for holiday paid time off on December 14th and 24th
from 11 :30 AM through end of day for Fargo Housing & Redevelopment Authority is

The next meeting is scheduled for January B'", 2019, at 1 :30 PM.