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Housing & Redevelopment Authority - August 14, 2018 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held on August 14th· 2018, at 1 :30 PM in the Main Conference Room, 325 Broadway, and Fargo, North Dakota.

Matthew Pike, new Executive Director
Jill Elliott
Amy Rissmann
Scott Noeske
Darla Belyea
Steve Eickhoff
James Talle
Kris Visness

Michael Leier
Tonna Horsley
Thomas Jefferson

RESOLUTION #2018-08-01
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA June meeting minutes are approved.

Additions to Consent Agenda
Add one board member to attend NAHRO conference in Atlanta, GA.

RESOLUTION #2018-08-02
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA August Consent Agenda is approved.

Additions to Agenda
Action item to Lashkowitz High Rise development

REPORTS Financials
Finance Manager Scott Noeske reviewed the balance sheet and cash flow statements for June 2018 and
responded to questions.

Capital Projects
Work on RAD continues and for the New Horizons project, the General Contractor has finished multiple stacks. The 2019 Capital Fund was certified and was presented to RAB on August 7th, 2018. A hearing is set in October.

Deputy Director
FHRA gave notice to Beyond Shelter, Inc. (BSI) of termination of property management for seven properties. Along with representatives from BSI., FHRA managers met with residents of the affected properties. Currently no property management company has been hired by BSI to manage the Graver. They have placed one of their employees at the property in the interim. Letters went out to community partners and stakeholders to communicate our property management transition.

Ms. Elliott submitted a grant for mainstream vouchers (through HUD) and a Family Unification Grant (FUP). Work for the 2019 Annual Plan has begun. There was a Resident Advisory Board (RAB) meeting last week. We have plans to raise additional capital, rehab the Lashkowitz, and solicit new property management opportunities and partnerships. The RAB voted in favor of these activities.

New Horizons Update
Representatives from US Bank visited FHRA on 7 /13/18 to meet with FHRA employees and learn about the on-site activities for the New Horizons remodel. Mr. Eickhoff explained the progress with construction and relocation of residents at the property. FHRA is on schedule for construction to be complete in time for the Tax Credit deadline.

Property management changes
As mentioned in the Deputy Director's report., FHRA lost about 350 units in the property management change.

Impact of changes on personnel
The property management changes affected about 13 jobs within the FHRA. Strong efforts to transfer employees into similar positions were made. A few positions were eliminated, as FHRA management was unable to relocate those affected employees.

Sale of two FHRA vehicles
FHRA currently has two older, extra vehicles that are no longer needed and asks for a motion to approve the sale of them. Money from the sales will go into the respective departments to which the vehicles belong.

RESOLUTION #2018-08-03
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA approves a motion to sell two FHRA vehicles, a 1996 Ford Van and 1999 GMC Jimmy.

Sale of certain properties
FHRA has identified properties to sell that are no longer mission-oriented to raise cash reserves. Money from the sale of these properties will go into unencumbered money to replenish our cash reserves.

RESOLUTION #2018-08-04
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA approves a motion for the sale of supportive housing units and Dakota Life apartments

RESOLUTION #2018-08-05
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA approves a motion for the sale of three propane tanks at the New Horizons property.

Lashkowitz High Rise development
Plans to update the Lashkowitz High Rise have changed several times over the years. Mr. Pike asked for approval to start the application and rehabilitation process for residents at Lashkowitz High Rise. A resolution to either rehabilitate the property or sell the property is needed to maintain the application process to HUD.

RESOLUTION #2018-08-06
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA approves a motion to give the Executive Director authority to pursue options to either improve or sell the Lashkowitz High Rise. (approved as written)

The next meeting is scheduled for September 11th, 2018, at 1 :30 PM.