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Housing & Redevelopment Authority - September 12, 2017 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held September 12th· 2017 at 1:30 PM in the Main Conference Room, 325 Broadway, and Fargo, North Dakota.

FHRA Staff Present
Lynn Fundingsland, Amy Rissmann, Kris Visness. Scott Noeske, Jill Elliott, Steve Eickhoff, Jim Rogge

FHRA Board Members Present
Karen Moore, Ken Krajsa, Thomas Jefferson, Bryce Alme-Johnson, Tonna Horsley, Michael Leier

The August meeting minutes were approved as amended.

Consent Agenda
RESOLUTION #2017-09-01
ADDENDUMS to the meeting agenda
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA September Consent Agenda is approved.

Authorizations to apply for tax credits for Pioneer and Lashkowitz High Rise Update of attorney letter regarding New Horizons relocation Lashkowitz security update

RESOLUTION #2017-09-02

Jefferson/ Alme-Johnson BE IT RESOLVED, motion to add addendums to the meeting agenda is approved.

Mr. Noeske reviewed the July 2017 financial reports compared to the previous month. Income is higher than projected due to lower than expected expenses for all funds except Vouchers. For vouchers, we are spending our HAP income at a higher rate due to increased market rates, which results in transfer of HUD held net restricted assets (URA). The program is intended to work this way until excess URA is depleted.

Public Housing is on budget. The General Fund has more expenses than expected due to the pre-development costs for the RAD projects. For the October 2017 board meeting, a graph will be created to show an overall picture of the annual budget.

Capital Projects
Steve Eickhoff noted that a quorum is needed next month for the public hearing and approval of the 2018 Capital Fund. Remodels for Scattered Sites properties are underway. Work on RAD continues for New Horizons Project. Architectural design work has started for the RAD conversion of Lashkowitz Hi-Rise and Pioneer Manor.

Deputy Director
The Continuum of Care grants have been written and sent in. The Family Self Sufficiency Grant has been submitted. Work continues the 2018 Annual Plan. FHRA appealed the PHAS review score and the appeal was denied.

Old Business
Update on New Horizons RAD project
The construction is scheduled to begin November 1st. A consultant (CLS) has been hired to assist with tenants' consultation and relocation. 2018 Annual Plan/ACOP chapter 18 RAD Project Based Vouchers ACTION REQUIRED Some of the chapters of the Annual Plan have updates. These updates will be presented at the next RAB meeting for approval. Normally the updates are presented and approved by RAB before presentation to the board. Because of the need of this information for the tax credit application deadline of 9/30/17, the board is asked to approve these updates before presentation to the RAB board.

RESOLUTION #2017-09-03
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to approve Annual Plan updates as presented has been approved.

Update on transfer of LIHTC properties from BSI
The transfer is on track to close on or before September 29th projects are next in line for transfer. The Graver and Blue Stem.

Update on Lashkowitz project
A preliminary Low Income Housing Tax Credit application was put into the State at the beginning of this month for their review, the final application is due September 30th We still have an approximately $2 million shortfall. The City has been approached to see what resources they can bring to it. Doing the project with project based vouchers outside of the RAD program is the most feasible due to it allows for higher rents and therefore higher debt service capacity.

Attorney letter update on New Horizons relocation
No additional communication was received from the attorney questioning HA's capacity to do relocation properly. FHRA did retain a consultant to assist with the relocation plan.

Lashkowitz Security Update
Private security and Dakota Foundation were costed out for additional security and tenant support. No other actions taken.

New Business
RESOLUTION #2017-09-04
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to apply to the ND Housing Finance Agency for 9% and 4% Low Income Tax Credits to be used at Lashkowitz High Rise has been approved.

RESOLUTION #2017-09-04
Leier/Alme-Johnson BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to apply to the ND Housing Finance Agency for 4% Low Income Tax Credits to be used at Pioneer Manor has been approved.

FHRA By-Laws
By-Laws will be reviewed and discussed next month. Staff will have the HRA's attorney review the by-laws to suggest updates. Elections for chair and vice-chair need to be held at the annual meeting next month (October).

Homeless Audit Results
The person assigned to the audit sent her findings. FHRA has 60 days to appeal and is in the process of responding.

Ken Krajsa service recognition
It is Vice-Chair Ken Krasja's last board meeting. FHRA is grateful for his years of service. President Moore asked for discussion of an Ethics or Standard of Conduct policy at October's meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for October 10th , 2017, at 1 :30 PM.