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Housing & Redevelopment Authority - February 14, 2017 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held February 14, 2017 at 1 :30 PM in the Main Conference Room, 325 Broadway, and Fargo, North Dakota.

FHRA Staff Present
Lynn Fundingsland, Amy Rissmann, Scott Noeske, Tamara Spry,Tracy Lunak, Jill Elliott, Steve Eickhoff, Craig Gwin, Bruce Raymond

FHRA Board Members Present
Michael Leier, Thomas Jefferson, Tanna Horsley, Karen Moore, Ken Krasja

Consent Agenda
No additions to the consent agenda

Resolution #2017-02-01
Motion to approve the Consent Agenda amendments, Krajsa/Jefferson
BE IT RESOLVED, the Consent Agenda is approved

Mr. Noeske presented the financial reports. He reviewed the income statement actual to budget and discussed the differences. Mr. Noeske also reviewed the balance sheet actual to last month and discussed the changes in cash position.

Capital Projects
Mr. Eickhoff reviewed the 2015 Capital fund for RAD. He reported that we are still preserving capitol to assist with the RAD projects. We have two years in which to expend the set asides. April 2018 is the deadline.

Deputy Director
Ms. Elliiott reported that we have performed a SEMAP audit and Certification for 2016. The voucher portfolio caseloads were rebalanced. The Portfolio Managers held their first department meetings. Consultants were brought in to troubleshoot Yardi issues. Project Based Voucher HAP Contracts for Sisters Path and North Sky Ill were completed.

Ms. Elliot presented the details of the SEMAP scoring form.

Resolution #2017-02-02
Motion to approve the SEMAP form Krasja/Leier
BE IT RESOLVED, the SEMAP form is approved.

Old Business
New Horizons/RAD Progress

High Rise progress

2017 Budget Review
Mr. Noeske emailed the budgets after January's meeting. This agenda item was tabled for the next meeting.

New Business
Consider reduced hours for Executive Director Mr. Fundingsland employment contract was not renewed in June 2016 as scheduled. He would like to re-negotiate it, and asks the Board to consider allowing a 32-hour work week. A meeting to consider Lynn Fundingsland's contract is scheduled for 2/28/2017.

Recap of State Housing Conference in Bismarck

Legislative Issues
There is a bill to allow taxing districts to claim their share of taxes which can potentially affect our low-income tax projects. President Moore asked if there is something that Commissioners can do to help and Mr. Fundingsland's answer was to talk to legislators if they get the chance. Mr. Leier asked to get the bill number so Commissioners can refer to a specific bill when they speak with a legislator. Mr. Fundingsland reported that the Fargo mayor is supportive of reviewing the Housing Incentive Program.

Commissioner Training and Commissioner attendance at NAHRO
Instead of attending the national NAHRO convention in March 2017 in Washington, DC, President Moore and commissioners Michael Leier and Tanna Horsley will attend commissioner training conducted by Nelrod company. Commissioner Thomas Jefferson will represent FHRA along with Lynn Fundingsland and Jill Elliott at NAHRO convention and congressional office visits in Washington, DC.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for March 14, at 1 :30 PM.