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Housing & Redevelopment Authority - December 12, 2017 Minutes

The annual meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held December 12th, 2017 at 1 :30 PM in the Main Conference Room, 325 Broadway, and Fargo, North Dakota.

FHRA Staff Present
Lynn Fundingsland, Jill Elliott, Amy Rissmann Robin Mattson, Steve Eickhoff

FHRA Board Members Present
Karen Moore, Michael Leier, Thomas Jefferson

Consent Agenda Resolution #2017-12-01
BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA December Consent Agenda is approved.

Addendum to Agenda:
Executive Session following the regular meeting


Finance Manager Scott Noeske was not present at the meeting due to his attendance at a training conference.

Capital Projects
Additional capital remodels are underway for Scattered Sites. At New Horizons Project the roof project is done, boilers are on site and general contractor work has started. FHRA received permission from HUD to spend additional capital funds RAD-related expenses above the pre­approved amount.

Deputy Director
Staff has worked on the Continuum of Care Audit due December 15th , which has been very time-consuming. The employee Culture Enrichment Team conducted several team building activities which helped FHRA clients and the community. Staff toured the new Bright Sky facility in Moorhead. FHRA will manage this 42-unit supportive housing for the homeless facility which anticipates opening March/April 2018.

A goal for 2018 is to work with area agencies and police to provide more on-site services to our facilities, particularly our facilities for the formerly homeless: The High Rise, Graver, and Sisters Path. FHRA is working in cooperation with BSI on this project for the Graver and Sisters Path.

Old Business

New Horizons progress
We are still working with our investors towards satisfying the underwriting requirements for HUD. The new deadline for a closing date is 2/17/18. The later closing date may cost FHRA $70,000 loss in equity as a result. The overall project cost is $16 million. We will lose our ability to host the Medical Respite program at New Horizons due to the investors are not OK with month-to-month tenant leases and Sanford did not agree to a master lease.

Lashkowitz/Pioneer Manor status
The rehabilitation projects for Pioneer Manor and Lashkowitz are on hold. For Pioneer Manor, the project is too small to stand alone. The hope is to combine the project with Lashkowitz. FHRA was not awarded in 2017, as it cannot attract LIHTC investment and cannot carry debt tax credits for Lashkowitz for the year.

Executive Director recruiting update
The recruitment plan for Executive Director is on schedule. A recruitment subcommittee to interview candidates needs to be formed. President Moore, Bryce Alme-Johnson, and Thomas Jefferson have agreed to serve on it. Human Resources Manager/Executive Assistant Amy Rissmann is working with the FHRA's attorney to revise the employment agreement for the Executive Director position.

Personnel Vacancies
Along with the Executive Director opening, three more job openings have opened. They are due to one retirement and, two positions created as the result of some newly created staffing needs within FHRA.

Holiday Luncheon
RESOLUTION #2017-12-02
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to ratify the email motion to approve the rest of the day off after the employee holiday party is approved.

New Busienss
COC Policy Manual Review and Audit Response
The Auditor felt our policies do not explain our programs well enough. Ms. Elliott asked the board for approval of a revised policy to be submitted to the auditor.

RESOLUTION #2017-12-03
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to accept the COC Policy Manual is approved.

Decision on Additional Project Based Vouchers
The Jeremiah Project is putting a new building up and has asked FHRA for help with 20 Project­Based Vouchers. The Board declined to make vouchers available for project basing at this time because they may be needed as part of the Lashkowitz solution.

RESOLUTION #2017-12-04
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to accept the 2018 budget is approved.

Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) increase
RESOLUTION #2017-12-05
Leier/ Jefferson
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion for the 2% Cost of Living Allowance pay increase for Fargo Housing & Redevelopment Employees for 2018 is approved.

Increased Fixed Asset Capitalization Policy to $5000
The present policy puts our fixed asset amount value at $2500. Eide Bailly recommends that we go to $5000 as it lessens the amount of bookkeeping and administrative activities and is more in line with the industry standard.

RESOLUTION #2017-12-06
BE IT RESOLVED, the motion to increase the fixed Asset Capitalization Policy amount from $2500 to $5000 is approved.

There being no further business, the regular meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for January 9th, 2017, at 1 :30 PM.