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Housing & Redevelopment Authority - August 8, 2017 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for the Housing and Redevelopment Authority of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held August 8th, 2017 at 1:30 PM in the Main Conference Room, 325 Broadway, and Fargo, North Dakota.

FHRA Staff Present FHRA Board Members Present
Lynn Fundingsland, Jill Elliott, Karen Moore, Tonna Horsley, Amy Rissmann, Steve Eickhoff, Ken Krajsa, Kris Visness, Darla Belyea, Thomas Jefferson, Scott Noeske, Kavitha Gundala, Bryce Alme-Johnson, Katrina Wilke, Sherry Pearson,Mike Peters

Consent Agenda

RESOLUTION #2017-08-01
Krajsa/Jefferson BE IT RESOLVED, the FHRA August Consent Agenda is approved.

ADDENDUMS to the meeting agenda
Under new business: policies/by-laws

Mr. Noeske presented the financial reports. He reviewed the income statement actual to budget and discussed the differences. Mr. Noeske also reviewed the balance sheet actual to last month and discussed the changes in cash position for June 2017.

President Moore suggested that FHRA take another look at the budget in September to assure we are on track for expenses.

Capital Projects
Additional capital remodels are underway for Scattered Sites. Work on RAD continues for the Capital Fund. For the New Horizons projects, the final bid documents and Scope of Work for unit renovation has been completed by EACP Architects. Group One bids are in and Group Two are out to contractors for bids.

Deputy Director
The RAB met yesterday for the review of the Annual Plan. The plan was approved by a unanimous vote. The plan was approved and will be presented at the Public Hearing in October. The last 3 chapters of the ACOP and Admin Plan will be completed by this fall.

Continuum of Care grant applications are due next month. Another software program has been introduced to do our Annual reports. An in-depth and time-consuming Continuum of Care Audit for Shelter Plus Care and Cooper House was done last month.

Bystander training for all employees and supervisor training was completed during July. Several employees were promoted to Portfolio Manager and Compliance Manager to accommodate growth and subsequent changes to management structure.

There are some security issues at the High Rise and staff are working on ways to resolve them. The board expressed concern for safety of tenants and asked to further explore solutions to the problem.

There was an incident at the Graver where a tenant knocked off a sprinkler head which caused caused excessive water damage to seven units and hallways.

Old Business
Progress with New Horizons RAD
Bids are coming in and the costs are to be expected. Some exterior work is expected to begin in September. Tenants have been notified about the project and a second meeting with the tenants will be scheduled. In December, the first group of tenants will need to temporarily relocate. This will be in groups of nine units at a time. Property managers and other individuals are scheduled to be trained by relocation experts currently working Minot, ND. A private attorney sent a letter to FHRA expressing concern of how FHRA is handling the tenant relocation. Mr. Fundingsland will consult with FHRA’s attorney to determine if there is any need to respond.

For the Lashkowitz project—the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit application is in process. Mr. Fundingsland explained to the board that the previous Governor had agreed to a forward committed of 9% credits to allow enough credits committed to complete the projects. The board discussed the options and authorized the Executive Director to approve the NDHFA with a similar request and, to enlist the Mayors assistance if NDHFA indicates the Governor needs to be involved in the decision.

Mr. Fundingsland approached HUD with a request to release its lien on the land we wish to sell to the Diversion Project. HUD asked we get a current appraisal first and that is underway.

BSI-property transfers
The mortgage with Bell State Bank is being arranged. As a part of the refinancing, costs for some upgrades to properties are included in the mortgage. The BSI board is meeting next week to approve the transfer. The plan is to close at the end of September.

PHAS report response
The PHAS report score was discussed. HUD requires a response from FHRA within 90 days. President Moore asked FHRA to refer to other agencies who have had high scores to see if there might be ideas we have not considered to improve future scores. The board also asked staff to contact NAHRO and Senator Heidkamp to report the change of requirements in the middle of this evaluation process. The Denver Office of Public Housing has offered support to the FHRA.
New Business
Succession planning
FHRA has started to look at succession planning as a part of the strategic plan goals previously set. Some new mid-management positions have been created and filled. President Moore suggested that a sub-committee be organized to work on a succession plan. President Moore, Commissioner Alme-Johnson, Deputy Director Jill Elliott, and HR Manager Amy Rissmann offered to be on this sub-committee.

Board Composition
Next month commissioner terms for Ken Krasja and President Karen Moore expire. President Moore has agreed to renew her commission. Commissioner Ken Krasja has chosen not to renew his term. Mr. Fundingsland researched the ND Statute for Commissioner terms and found that five board member positions are required so there is no need to replace Commissioner Krasja. Mr. Fundingsland agreed to look at FHRA’s by-laws regarding this. Commissioner Ken Krajsa plans to attend the board meeting next month.

Board Employee Survey
It was agreed to conduct another employee survey and wait until the end of the year to do that.

Review cultural committee work program

RESOLUTION #2017-08-02
Alme-Johnson/Krasja BE IT RESOLVED, the Motion to follow the process for the Employee Culture Enrichment Team to work on a new mission statement is approved.

RAB Annual Plan items
The RAB voted to approve the 2018 Capital Grant request was presented. The Homeless pilot program was approved. FHRA will formalize these items and bring it to the September meeting. The current SRO policy is to not allow alcohol in the building. This may create a barrier and affect grant funding. RAB has suggested to eliminate this rule. The board stated the rule does not follow the housing first model and agreed to remove the registration.

RESOLUTION #2017-08-03
Krasja/Jefferson BE IT RESOLVED, the Motion to remove the Homeless Policies and Procedures as presented is approved.

President Moore asked to have an Ethics or Standard of Conduct policy signed off on every year by all staff.

President Moore asked to have FHRA’s Bylaws revised at the next meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for September 12th, 2017, at 1:30 PM.