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Tax Exempt Review Committee - January 25, 2022 Minutes

Fargo, North Dakota

Regular Meeting Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The January meeting of the Tax Exempt Review Committee of the City of Fargo, North Dakota was held in the City Commission Room at City Hall at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

The committee members present or absent are:
Present: Dave Piepkorn, Mayor Tim Mahoney, John Cosgriff, Jim Buus, Jessica Ebeling, Jim Gilmour, Deb Mathern, Reid Middaugh, Arlette Preston.

Absent: Levi Bachmeier, Michael Splonskowski, Bruce Grubb, Kent Costin, Erik Johnson, Jackie Gapp, Joe Raso, Robert Wilson, Dean Brescani, Chad Peterson, Steve Swiontek

Commissioner Piepkorn called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

1 2nd St South Proposal

• Park East Site
• Dan Madler- Beyond Shelter
• Working with Foss Architecture
• High traffic mixed affordable housing
• Downtown living community for affordable senior living
o 5 stories
o 51 senior apartments
o 9800 sq. ft. onsite commercial space
o 60 enclosed parking spaces and 30 surface spaces
o A little over 100,000 sq. ft. for project
• $650,00 with request of Renaissance and TIFF
• Both worked on Milten Earl
• Questions:
o Jim Buus: What do anticipate the 9800 sq. ft. commercial space to be designed as?
 Clinical/Medical/Office space or Rental/Condo ownership
o Prakash Mathew: Are the units apartment units?
 Yes
 1 bed-$650 and a few 2 bed-$850
o Arlette Preston: Would individuals qualify to live in the units?
 People will be able to afford them and okay with vouchers.

419 3rd St North
• Old Health Department Building
• Kevin Bartrum- MBA Investments/MBA Architects
• 68 Unit market rate apartment building
• 72 enclosed parking on first floor and parking along the alley
• Four level apartments in an L shape
• Could provide commercial space on the south.
• $500,000 for site. $13 million for proposal. $15 million with underground parking.
• Would like public art long 4th St and to engage in the art community
• Questions:
o Mayor Mahoney: How many parking spots?
 First proposed 56 enclosed and 16 in the alley. Now 100 all enclosed. 40 onsite right now.
o Dave Piepkorn: Ball park prices for units?
 1 bed-$1150-$1250 and 2 bed $1350-$1450
 A couple of 3 bedrooms
o Deb Mathern: What is being done with parking at Fargo Public School District Office?
 No one is using it at the moment

Public Comments

• Skipped due to attendance and time.

Discussion on Proposals

• City would like to acquire a property and pick the most impactful
• Arlette Preston- Target market and income level is quite different between all three.
• Prakash Mathew- Will both committees work separately?
o Jim: Yes
• Chris (Housing Authority)- High rise:
o 110 units- 1, 2, and 3 bedroom.
o 4-5 stories
o Will accept vouchers but are closed for vouchers as of right now.
o Parking- 77 covered and 17 outside
• Mayor Mahoney: Do we need condos or apartment/housing?
o Jim Gilmour: We do not know. This has not been studied.
o Dave Piepkorn: Housing study is in process.
• Recommendation vote for Epic, Beyond Shelter, or Eagle:
o RZ Authority:
 Dave Piepkorn- Eagle
 Arlette Peterson- Epic
 Prakash Mathew- Epic
 Reid Middaugh- Eagle
 Mayor Tim Mahoney- Epic
 Jim Buus- Epic
 Jessica Ebeling- Epic
 John Cosgriff- Eagle
 Jim Gilmour-

A motion was made by Jim Buus to approve the minutes from November 23, 2021. Jessica Ebeling seconded, motion carries

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 pm.