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Ambulance Service Oversight Committee - January 8, 2021 Minutes

Meeting minutes were not approved as the F-M Ambulance contract changed so the committee did not have to meet again to approve these minutes.

Present: Desi Fleming, Tim Meyer, Julianna Lindgren, Steve Dirksen, Heidi Lako-Adamson, Sherm Syverson, Vicky Black
Others Present: Chad Mickelson, Christopher Anderson, Holly Scott, Rick Cameron, Vicky Black, Lori Sall, Jason Eblen
Absent: Tim Mahoney, David Zibolski

Call to Order Opening: 9:00 a.m., Virtual Meeting, Desi Fleming called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Desi Fleming announced that we will meet twice a year January and July, we will get information in April and October and we will distribute to members. An inquiry was made about adding board members. Toby Jezzard can be added on as other attendees but not as a voting member.

Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the meeting minutes from August 14th, 2021 meeting minutes by Steve Dirksen, Tim Meyer seconded, unanimously approved.

Data Review, Response Time, Transport Destination:
Two highlighted points for the data. Unprecedented volumes for the last 5-6 months of the year, showing on page 22. Monthly volumes really increased, probably because the pandemic, COVID-19 testing is one of the main reasons for calls. Record volumes: response time all about 90% even during the high volumes. All response times stayed in the very high percentiles. COVID-19 hit and caused an influx of calls. Desi asked do you think the high volume was caused by people with COVID-19 delaying care until it was to the point they needed an ambulance? Jason responded it could be, when the pandemic first hit numbers went way down and as the pandemic progressed the numbers of calls soared.
Vicky Black asked about how the response time data was generated. Jason Eblen responded that the time is from the initial call from dispatch to the scene, not to patient. Steve Dirksen clarified that when calls come in they go to 911 dispatch then to FM Ambulance dispatch. It starts when FM Ambulance gets the call. Jason Eblen explained the expression shoot time: time from when crew gets the call from dispatch to when wheels are rolling.
No other questions, move on to updates. Vicky Black was looking at the service agreement for the recording piece on the response times. She then asked Jason Eblen if he felt that the response times are measuring up to the requirements.
Tim Meyer did not know if that document was ever executed. Steve Dirksen felt that it may have not been but it did help get the committee established so data begin to be provided from FM Ambulance. It is the way it has been done since 2013. The number reflect the data that was asked for. They can change data if needed. Essentia had requested additional data points regarding mental health and FM Ambulance did provide that. Jason Eblen mentioned that the committee narrowed down the information that they wanted to see. He also added that the data point engine they used called NEMSSIS (National Emergency Medical Services Standard Information Set) had slowed down their ability to get out the numbers as quickly as they wanted because they changed their formatting. So FM Ambulance had to do a lot of work on getting the data formatted in the style the board was used to. Sherm Syverson mentioned that the oversight committee formation information given earlier was correct and mention that FM will accommodate whatever needs the committee has. Desi mentioned that meeting schedule will be different and we can add meetings if needed.

Next Meeting: July 9th, 2021
Motion to adjourn: Tim Meyer and Steve Dirksen second and all unanimously approved the adjournment