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Ambulance Service Oversight Committee - August 9, 2019 Minutes

Committee Members Present: Vicky Black, Essentia Health; Desi Fleming, Fargo Cass Public Health; Tim Meyer, F-M Ambulance; Sherm Syverson, Sanford Health
Committee Members Absent: Mayor Tim Mahoney; Steve Dirksen, Fargo Fire Department; Heidi Lako-Adamson, F-M Ambulance and Fargo Cass Public Health; Julianna Lindgren, Veterans Administration; David Todd, Fargo Police Department
Others Present: Rick Cameron, F-M Ambulance; Jason Eblen, F-M Ambulance; Toby Jezzard, Essentia Health; Chad Mickelson, F-M Ambulance

Desi Fleming announced she would be chairing the meeting as committee chair Steve Dirksen would not be present. Fleming called the meeting to order at 9:01 am. and announced a quorum was not present. Fleming declared that no official business would be conducted at the meeting.

Announcements: None
Approval of May 10, 2019 Minutes: A quorum was not present; minutes for the May 10, 2019 meeting will be added to the agenda for approval at the November 8, 2019 meeting.
Data Review, Response Time, Transport Destination:
Eblen reported May and June 2019 trended below May and June 2018 in number of calls, but July was the busiest month for the ambulance service since the committee was established. In addition, chest pain/discomfort calls entered the top five clinical impressions for the first time in July. Fleming asked for clarification on how cancelled calls are defined. Eblen explained that cancelled calls are responses that are cancelled prior to or without patient contact. Eblen reported that response times for emergent calls for the reporting period of May, June and July continued to be above the 90% goal. In May 98.01%, in June 97.2% and in July 97.23% of response times were under five minutes.
Syverson credited the mobile outreach unit for the positive impact it is having in the community. Fleming agreed the unit is not only freeing up ambulance service, police and fire resources, but the lower level of intervention also seems to illicit better responses from those it serves. Fleming reported the unit has recently extended its hours from eight hours per day to 16.
Other Updates:
Eblen reported F-M Ambulance received the Lifeline EMS Gold Plus Award for excellence in caring for cardiac patients. Eblen explained the award is based on different components including the percentage of patients over the age of 35 with non traumatic chest pain who are given EKGs and receive the tests within 10 minutes of patient contact.
Next Meeting Date: The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for November 8 at 9:00 am. in the Commission Chambers.