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Ambulance Service Oversight Committee - August 10, 2018 Minutes

Present: Health Officer John Baird, Essentia Health Vicky Black, FM Ambulance Medical Director Heidi Lako-Adamson, FM Ambulance Senior Executive Director Tim Meyer, Fire Department Craig Nelson, Sanford Health Sherm Syverson, and Director of Fargo Cass Public Health Ruth Roman
Absent: Veterans Hospital Julianna Lindgren, Mayor Timothy J. Mahoney, Chief of Police David Todd
Other: F-M Ambulance Rick Cameron, F-M Ambulance Jason Eblen, Kathy Lonski, F-M Ambulance, F-M Ambulance Chad Mickelson and F-M Ambulance Brett Wigglesworth

Ruth Roman call the meeting to order.

Announcements: Dr. Baird and Ruth are retiring on August 31, 2018.
Congratulated F-M Ambulance on an award from American Heart Association for Gold Plus for Stemi Care along with the hospitals. Tim Meyer said they went through their accreditation visit in July and were informed they are reaccredited. F-M Ambulance is the only one accredited in North Dakota and nationwide one of 265 out of 30,000.
Ruth said Fargo Cass Public Health went through the public health accreditation. Discussed details of site visit. It went well but there are things we will continue to improve.

Approval of May 11, 2018 minutes. Tim Meyer moved to approve the minutes. John Baird seconded and motion passed.

Data Review, Response Time, Transport Destination: Jason said for behavior health and alcohol we switched as far as our primary impressions are for the overall impressions. Discussed continuing to see the increase in different things, question about specific overdoses, primary impression might be altered mental status and secondary overdose, reporting in different drug categories is mandated by State, have 600 to 700 choices for traumatic injury, and pushing at federal level to track overdoses. Dr. Baird asked if there is a way to break into subcategories. There is no reporting mechanism like that. Talked about working with the vendor and what the State has implemented. The more specific the more diluted our graphs get.

Had 82 calls related to alcohol in July. Alcohol has been a problem for a long time and how can we approach solutions. Cathy was at an event at Dakota Medical Foundation she was talking about the numbers behind alcohol use and it is staggering. Jason said before our data was diluted it would 33.33 percent were involved in alcohol. Will work on information for next week and for the new public health staff.

Discussed calls to Gladys Ray Shelter and Detox Transport van. Have seen a 56 percent reduction in calls to these sites. Discussion on too early to say if it was really a trend, good thing even if the van works with limited hours. Would be interesting to follow these people to see reaction on their mental health, and numbers to jail have decreased.

Other updates: Craig Nelson reminded the group that Chief Dirksen is requesting individuals to be a part of a task force for reducing behavior health calls. Also asked if there is a plan in place for a vulnerable adult if a caretaker is taken to the hospital. Committee suggested calling adult protection services, asking caretaker for calling list, suggested information should be posted on frig, and many elderly couples out there with no one to call.

Next Meeting Date: November 9, 2018