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Fargo Residents Encouraged to Apply for Openings on Boards, Commissions and Committees

Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled


The City of Fargo currently has openings on several boards, commissions and committees. Fargo residents are encouraged to apply for these openings by visiting Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

The following boards, commissions and committees each have one opening:

Name of Board: Arts & Culture Commission
Meeting Logistics: Third Wednesday quarterly (as necessary)
Average Time Commitment: About 10 hours a year
Responsibilities: Support staff and City Commission on developing and implementing public arts and culture goals appropriate for public funds.

Name of Board: Board of Appeals
Meeting Logistics: First Thursday of each month (as necessary)
Average Time Commitment: Two hours per month or less

  1. Administrative Review: To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is error in any order, requirements, decision or determination made by the building official in the enforcement or interpretation of the building code.
  2. Alternate Materials and Methods: To authorize, upon appeal in specific cases, such alternatives to the provisions of the building code as will not be contrary to the public interest; nor, be in conflict with the intent of the building code.

Name of Board: Civil Service Commission
Meeting Logistics: Second Tuesday of each month (as necessary)
Average Time Commitment: One hour per month or less

  1. Ensure all employees of The City of Fargo receive fair and equal treatment.
  2. Hear appeals on disciplinary cases, investigate complaints related to employment administration and present proposed employment rules and regulations to the City Commission for approval.

Name of Board: Economic Development Incentives Committee
Meeting Logistics: Fourth Tuesday of each month
Average Time Commitment: Two hours per month
Responsibilities: Support economic development through the use of available tax incentive programs by:

  1. Creating high quality jobs with new or expanding businesses.
  2. Promoting historic preservation and development downtown.
  3. Supporting affordable housing.
  4. Support redevelopment of brownfields and blighted areas.
  5. Growing The City of Fargo’s tax base.

Name of Board: Historic Preservation Commission
Meeting Logistics: Third Tuesday of each month (as necessary)
Average Time Commitment: One hour per month

  1. Review building permit applications for “certificate of appropriateness,” applying the Fargo Municipal Code ordinances and regulations.
  2. Occasionally review new overlay districts or application of other ordinance needs as aligned with requests from the public or City Commission.

Name of Board: House Moving Board
Meeting Logistics: Meets as needed, typically one or two times a year
Average Time Commitment: About six hours a year
Responsibilities: Affirm housing moving applications meet the context of the new location of the house being moved.

Name of Board: Renaissance Zone Authority
Meeting Logistics: Fourth Wednesday of each month (as necessary)
Average Time Commitment: Typically one hour per month, more time possibly during state legislative session or as part of plan update
Responsibilities: Review applications for compliance to goals as stated in The City of Fargo’s adopted plans and regulations, and support City staff when confirming appropriateness of applications.

In addition to these openings, residents are encouraged to research and apply for appointment to any of the boards, commissions and committees for consideration in the event of future vacancies. For more information on the responsibilities of each board, commission and committee, please visit