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The Mayor's Message

The stretch of NP Avenue from 10th Street to 8th Street has been bid and awarded; road contractors will begin their work in early June.


The Mayor's Message - 05.15.2023

The stretch of NP Avenue from 10th Street to 8th Street has been bid and awarded. Road contractors will begin their work in early June. This is the first year of a planned two-year construction project on NP Avenue. Next year, the plan is to reconstruct NP from 8th Street to near Broadway. Engineering is currently working on the next phase of design from 8th Street to Broadway. In accordance with the Downtown InFocus Plan for NP Avenue, the street design will be narrowed and will allow for the inclusion of cycle tracks on each side of the street. Engineering plans on running a two-week trial at the intersections of 8th Street & NP--and at Broadway & NP--using stop signs to control the intersections versus operating traffic signals. This will allow Engineering and Fire to understand the impacts of this style of intersection control prior to making a permanent change after construction is completed next year. Look for Engineering staff to be installing four-way stop controlled intersections at 8th Street and at Broadway this week and setting the signals to all-way red flash.

The Fargo Public Library is hosting a Spring Plant Swap tonight, Monday, May 15, from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Dr. James Carlson Library outside near the Library Learning Gardens. Participants are asked to bring in seed packets or plants to trade or share, which could be divided perennials, started garden plants, or propagated slips. Don’t have anything to bring? That’s okay! Everyone will go home with something new. All are welcome to attend this free event. Beginner Yoga sessions for adults are scheduled weekly on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. this month at the Dr. James Carlson Library.

May in Mental Health Awareness Month and on May 2, Fargo Cass Public Health, the Fargo Police Department and the 4-6-3 Foundation hosted a news conference at the Fargo Theatre to premiere ‘Faces of Suicide,’ which is the second suicide prevention public service announcement. It was produced by our CommsGA Team. It is important that in this community we do our best to make sure we are helping out one another when it comes to mental health. ‘Faces of Suicide’ stresses how critical it is to understand that you cannot tell, just by looking at someone, if they are struggling or hurting inside. There is no one ‘look’ of suicide; mental health can be invisible.