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Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed Found in Moorhead City Limits

Fargo residents asked to take action to help slow the spread of this invasive pest


After receiving lab results from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture officials confirmed Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was found within Moorhead city limits.

EAB is a slender insect with a metallic coppery-green color and is about one-third of an inch long. The larval (immature stage) of the insect destroys live ash trees by feeding on the layers under the bark that move water and supplies nutrients. After the layers are destroyed, a heavily infested tree can starve to death within a short period of time. Infestations are most easily identified by tiny D-shaped holes that are visible on the tree’s bark. The bark may also develop lengthwise cracks or fissures.

Quarantine procedures are being implemented within the City of Moorhead to slow the spread of the pest. The quarantine regulates the movement of ash products, including ash nursery trees, ash logs and all types of hardwood firewood. Once the quarantine is fully implemented, it will not be legal to transport these items out of Moorhead city limits.

At this time, there are no quarantine requirements in the city of Fargo, however; the following tips can help slow the spread of this invasive pest:

• Do not move firewood, this is the fastest method for spreading the pest.
• Consider treatment plan for high-value ash trees within the next one to two years; treatments can be less costly than tree removal. Additional information related to treatments can be found at
• If you do not implement a treatment plan, consider replacing trees with a non-ash species as soon as possible; waiting until the tree is dead will be more costly and a potential liability.
• Fargo residents who have an ash tree (preferably two or more) on the boulevard adjacent to their property are encouraged to call the Forestry Department at 701.241.1465 to request the removal and replacement of these trees. This service will be completed free of charge.
• Watch for additional information related to EAB shared through future press releases.