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City Administrator Bruce P. Grubb Announces Retirement


  • Bruce Grubb
    Bruce Grubb

Grubb has made a pre-recorded question and answer session available for the community here.

City Administrator Bruce P. Grubb has announced his intent to retire from The City of Fargo, effective Friday, June 24, 2022. Grubb began his public service career in September 1989 as a Civil Engineer. He served many roles during his tenure, reaching the pinnacle of his career in February 2016 when he was selected by the City Commission to be Fargo’s City Administrator. Grubb is only the second individual to hold the position of City Administrator; he immediately proceeded Pat Zavoral in this role. Highlights of Grubb’s tenure have been included within the latter portion of this news release.

Grubb remarked, “I want to express my sincere appreciation to the City Commission, The City of Fargo and the residents of this community for the past 32 years of employment. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve the people of Fargo. Team Fargo is assuredly not perfect, but we work hard every day—around the clock—to provide this community with world-class services in an efficient, economical and customer-centric approach. Fantastic people permeate our entire organization and I hope you take pride in your city and the employees serving you. It’s not just a slogan for us; in Fargo, we truly Work For You.”

Grubb is particularly proud of his fellow co-workers and employees comprising Team Fargo. During his tenure, Grubb was instrumental in selecting 12 new and diverse City department heads (there are 22 department heads Citywide). He will treasure the life-long friendships developed throughout his career.

Grubb is looking forward to spending more time with his family, friends and retired siblings who have recently relocated to the Fargo metro area. He has expressed his willingness to assist in facilitating a smooth transition to the next City Administrator. Grubb and his wife, Dondi, will continue to reside in Fargo following his retirement. They have two adult children, Marisha and Greyson, who also live in the Fargo metro.

During its upcoming April 18 meeting, the Fargo City Commission will discuss naming an Interim Administrator in consideration of Grubb’s resignation and the potential steps ahead to select Fargo’s next City Administrator.


The following comments have been offered by the Fargo City Commissioners in recognition of Grubb’s retirement:

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney“Bruce Grubb executed a transformational future-focused agenda during his tenure. He was exemplary in his ability to navigate and drive complex conceptual projects to completion. Bruce is a tremendous visionary who diversified our revenue streams, amplified our trajectory and advanced major sustainability efforts. Bruce’s impacts will continue to be felt by Fargo residents for generations to come.”

Deputy Mayor Dave Piepkorn“Bruce’s contributions to our community will benefit all of us for generations, especially becoming a regional leader for drinking water and wastewater services. The Red River Valley Water Supply is another shining example. Bruce’s personality made serving with him a pleasure and an honor.”

Commissioner Tony Gehrig“Bruce was truly an innovative leader for Fargo who, at his core, consistently remained humble. He built consensus by seeking advice from all parties in making decisions for our community. Bruce elevated everyone around him through his actions and demeanor. He was able to successfully undertake green efforts which made sense and proved to be economically-advantageous for the taxpayer.”

Commissioner Arlette Preston“Bruce has been a steady hand in the management of City Hall. He has provided a quiet, but effective leadership, especially on the topic of environmental issues. With his vision, the ongoing efforts toward carbon reduction will continue on long after his leaving this position.”

Commissioner John Strand“Working with Bruce has not only been a delight but a reaffirmation of just how top shelf our City workers are, while knowing that starts at the top. He was a good leader and practiced what he preached; our City has been very blessed. I wish him well in his retirement. He deserves it.”


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• Carbon Dashboard Integrations across The City of Fargo
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• Mid-America Steel Acquisition and Demolition
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• Cargill LF Gas Supply
• ND Soybean Processors Water Supply
• Regionalization of Wastewater Services with Harwood, Reile’s Acres, West Fargo, Horace, Oxbow and the Southeast Cass Rural Sewer District
• Regionalization of Water Services with West Fargo and Cass Rural Water Users District
• Tharaldson Ethanol Water Supply
• 20-Year Wastewater Capital Improvement Planning
• 20-Year Wastewater Revenue Adequacy Financial Modeling
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• 20-Year Water Revenue Adequacy Financial Modeling

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