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Dr. Terry Hogan Recommended to Serve as Fargo’s First Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


  • Dr. Terry Hogan
    Dr. Terry Hogan

The City of Fargo’s Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Selection Committee recently completed the final component of its selection process for the City’s first DEI Director, which generated a total of 62 applicants. The process culminated with interviews and presentations with the top five candidates. Following the assessment, the selection committee approved the list of candidates ranked by compiled interview and presentation scores to be utilized in extending a conditional offer to the top candidate.

The Fargo City Commission will be asked to approve a contract with Dr. Terry Hogan at its regularly-scheduled meeting on June 1. Upon Commission approval, a full offer of employment will be extended to Dr. Hogan with a scheduled start date of July 6, 2021. City staff will coordinate with Dr. Hogan to facilitate individual media interviews next week beginning on Wednesday.

City of Fargo Assistant City Administrator Michael Redlinger stated, “The practical experiences and educational attributes of the DEI candidates were very impressive. Upon City Commission approval, we look forward to welcoming Dr. Hogan to Fargo in July. His extensive professional experience, paired with his educational attributes and collaborative demeanor make Dr. Hogan a great fit for this important position.”

Dr. Terry Hogan | Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Terry Hogan has conducted substantial research on issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion during the last 18 years at several institutions of higher education in the greater Chicago area. While serving as a professor of Sociology and Governmental Studies, he also assisted universities and private businesses as a consultant on issues related to diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), Title VI, VII and IX.

Dr. Hogan strongly believes in the virtues of public service and has volunteered on several committees in the public, private and governmental sectors. His various positions have afforded him the opportunity to design strategic initiatives and programs to successfully meet the missions of the institutions and organizations in which he served.

Born and raised in rural Mississippi, Dr. Hogan has resided in the greater Chicago area for the last three decades. These experiences have helped increase Hogan’s understanding of issues important to immigrant communities, along with focusing on topics affecting rural & urban communities, racial minorities, marginalized communities and issues surrounding gender and disabilities.

A family-oriented individual with a passion for enhancing cross-cultural relationships, Dr. Hogan is the father of a child with epilepsy. His family enjoys being active in the community, especially through various athletic activities.

Dr. Hogan holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, master’s degree in Public Administration and doctoral degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Policy.

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Selection Committee Members

  • Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney
  • City Commissioner Arlette Preston
  • City Administrator Bruce Grubb
  • Assistant City Administrator Michael Redlinger
  • Assistant Planner Catlyn Christie
  • Human Relations Commissioner Matuor Alier
  • Native American Commissioner Anna Johnson