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North Broadway Bridge Closing to Traffic and Pedestrians Indefinitely


City of Fargo Engineering staff, in coordination with the Clay County Highway Department, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) and SRF Consulting, will close the North Broadway Bridge at 10 a.m. on Thursday, February 11. The bridge, located north of 35th Ave. N. along Broadway, will remain closed to traffic and pedestrians indefinitely.

This closure comes as a proactive response to an emerging tilt in one of the bridge’s piers (supports) discovered through regular preventative monitoring of the bridge by City staff and consultants. The pier’s shift is caused by pressure created by the movement of the soil surrounding the pier. This shift, while not identified as an immediate threat to the structural integrity of the bridge, requires further in-depth analysis before repair or other action can begin. The current angle of the pier’s tilt does not meet the threshold for complete closure; however, based on the rate of movement in the pier, staff from both the City and Clay County have determined closure of the bridge will best ensure the continuing safety of all Fargo Metro travelers.

During the closure, traffic will be detoured to the County Road 20 Bridge along 40th Ave. N., which is located approximately one half mile northwest of the North Broadway Bridge.