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Professional Standards Office (PSO) Investigation Findings Regarding Former Fargo Police Deputy Chief Osmundson Released


The Fargo Police Department’s Professional Standards Office (PSO) has completed an investigation into the conduct of former Fargo Police Department (FPD) Deputy Chief Todd Osmundson. The PSO’s investigation concluded several facts about Osmundson’s conduct on Saturday, May 30, including the following:

  • No member of the FPD was aware Osmundson was acting in an undercover capacity on May 30.
  • No member of the FPD authorized Osmundson to act in the capacity he did on May 30.
  • Osmundson’s actions created significant risk to the public, himself and other officers.

This report was sent directly to Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney, City Administrators and The City of Fargo Human Resource Director without oversight or review from Chief David Todd. Osmundson was placed on an unpaid suspension on June 4 and subsequently resigned from the FPD later that day.

Some portions of the findings are redacted, including information which would reveal the identity of, or provide a means of identifying, an undercover law enforcement officer or a confidential informant. (§44-04-18.3(2), (3)). Intelligence information (§44-04-18.7), law enforcement techniques or security procedures (§44-04-24, §44-04-25) or the telephone number and home address of an employee of a law enforcement agency or a state or local correctional facility. Employee work schedules. Personnel records, medical records and similar records which would involve personal privacy. (§44-04-18.1, §44-04-18.3.)