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Regional Water Reclamation Facility Offers Tips to Prevent Frozen Sump Pump Lines


Cold and wet fall weather has resulted in some reports of freezing sump lines and heavy icing on streets, driveways and sidewalks. Below are recommendations to prevent these problems from occuring.
• Check your sump pump discharge pipe regularly to ensure that it does not freeze. This is especially important when the temperatures drop below freezing. If your sump has a long flexible hose or runs underground it will require unhooking. It should be replaced with a short piece of flex hose or a PVC pipe over the discharge.
• The sump pump discharge pipe should be directed a minimum of 4-6 feet away from the foundation. The sump discharge pipe should not flow onto sidewalks or your driveway as it will result in icing. A larger diameter piece of PVC pipe placed over the end of your home's sump discharge is the most effective solution.
• Your pipe should be sloped so that water drains out and does not sit and freeze inside the pipe. Direct the pipe into your lawn if possible. A frozen line could damage your sump pump or cause water to come up into your basement.
• Be considerate. Make sure the water from your discharge pipe does not cause icing on a neighbor’s property.

The City of Fargo has a seasonal Sump Pump Bypass program that allows you to discharge into your sanitary sewer from October 1st through March 31. Residents are invited to participate in the Sump Pump Program for a monthly fee of $3.00.