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One-Way Traffic Fully Restored on 10th Street North and University Drive This Week


  • Current Project Map
    Current Project Map

Zone: North
Project:10th Street North Reconstruction Project

Tomorrow, November 14, the 6th Avenue North intersection and 10th Street North railroad underpass will open to drivers.

Beginning Wednesday afternoon, 10th Street North from 4th – 12th Avenue North intersections will open with a single northbound only driving lane on west side while crews complete work in the boulevards. On University Drive all driving lanes will return to southbound only south of 7th Avenue North once crews reinstall permanent traffic control by the end of the week.

When project enters winter suspension, the second driving lane on 10th Street North will open to motorists.

On 10th Street North and University Drive, motorists are reminded both roadways are restored to one-way only traffic with the detour routes removed:

  • To continue north on 10th Street North at 4th Avenue North intersection, continue straight on 10th Street North thru the traffic signal. The detour route is removed from using 4th Avenue North to access northbound travel on University Drive.
  • To continue north from 7th Avenue North and University Drive intersection, continue east on 7th Avenue North and turn left at the traffic signal at 10th Street North. The detour route was removed from using University Drive for north and south travel. No left-turns are found on the traffic signals and road closed barricades warn drivers.

Through the project limits:

  • All pedestrian routes on 10th Street North and cross intersections are open
  • All bike and truck traffic detour routes have been removed. A marked bike lane is open on west side of 10th Street North.


  • Electrical, fencing, sidewalk, and earthwork will continue in the railroad underpass to support the new storm sewer lift station project
  • Installation of pedestrian crossing system at the school
  • Street light installation throughout the project limits

With the cooler temperatures approaching, the NDDOT and City of Fargo did not allow the contractor to begin the third phase of work, which would have completed the underground utilities and roadway service in the railroad underpass. The underpass has serviceable pavement in place on 10th Street N to carry traffic and made it useable through the winter months. Contractors were working on the roadway reconstruction and new storm sewer lift station projects concurrently since May. The scope of work to build a complex project like a lift station are found on 10th Street North Project Page

Work in 2019
The remaining project work is anticipated to take five weeks and will start after North Dakota State University spring semester is over in May 2019. The scope of work will be to complete roadway improvements under the railroad underpass and complete the city utility tie-ins.

A head-to-head detour on University will be in use to accommodate final phases of project work in the underpass; however, it will be shortened significantly from 2018 project limits. Planned detour will route northbound 10th Street North traffic to University Drive to be carried head-to-head with one driving lane in each direction between 4th Avenue North – 7th Avenue North intersections.

All other one-way northbound traffic will remain on 10th Street North.