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7th Avenue North and 10th Street North Intersection Opens to Eastbound Traffic Thursday


  • Upcoming Traffic and Business Access Map
    Upcoming Traffic and Business Access Map

Zone: North
Project:10th Street North Reconstruction Project

This week drivers will encounter cross-traffic and access changes in the 10th Street North reconstruction work zone. Starting tomorrow, Thursday October 4, traffic control will be removed to open the eastbound direction of 7th Avenue North. The westbound direction and all directions of pedestrian access through the 7th Avenue North intersection will open after crews complete work on the 700 block sidewalks and ADA ramps at the intersection next week. Motorists wishing to continue westbound on 7th Avenue North traffic should use 8th Avenue North intersection.

Later this week, crews will move into 600 block and 6th Avenue North intersection of 10th Street North. The intersection and block will close to all driving traffic when work begins on roadway removals and underground utility work. Pedestrian access will be maintained for north/south travel through the intersection and along the 600 block.

Traffic control was removed through the 12th Avenue North intersection and all driving lanes were restored to motorists for east/west and travel north on 10th Street North from the area earlier this week.

Contractors for the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Fargo District and City of Fargo 10th Street North improvement project are also working to prepare the 1100 block for paving operations next week. Throughout the remaining project work will continue on the boulevard seeding, signal work, curb, sidewalks, retaining wall and lift station under the railroad underpass. Upcoming new work starting soon includes permanent signing and striping.

On 10th Street North a driving loop with a single driving lane is open between 9th Avenue North to 11th Avenue North intersections to assist with drop-off/pick-ups at the school. Local traffic is not be able to continue north at 11th Avenue North intersection with the underground and paving operations occurring between the intersections.

Through the construction area, the current traffic pattern for cars, trucks and pedestrians:

  • CLOSED: Westbound direction at 7th Avenue intersection, use 8th Avenue North intersection
  • OPEN: 10th Street North east/west crossing at 7th (eastbound only), 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Avenues North intersections
  • OPEN: Pedestrian crossing to travel all directions will remain across the 7th Avenue North intersection
  • OPEN: 800, 900, 1000, and 1100 blocks of 10th Street North to local traffic only
    • Westbound of University Drive on 7th Avenue North to south on 4th Street North to west on 4th Avenue North to north on 15th Street North
    • Eastbound of 10th Street North on 7th Avenue North to south on 15th Street North to east on 4th Avenue North to north on 4th Street North
  • DRIVER DETOUR ROUTE: University Drive between 4th – 12th Avenue North, one-lane in each direction with left-hand turn lanes
  • BIKE DETOUR ROUTE: 11th Street North, 4th and 6th Avenue North, and Roberts Street.
    • The route will shift to 8th Avenue North when work begins at 6th Avenue North intersection.
  • SIDEWALKS: Maintained for use on both sides of 10th Street North including the east side of sidewalk through the railroad underpass

As a reminder, this construction project is to replace aging infrastructure and continuing the city-wide effort to upgrade services for residents and businesses on 10th Street North from 4th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North. By the completion of the project in late fall, north Fargo drivers, residents and businesses will have new concrete driving surface, new curb and gutter, street lights, sidewalks, city utilities, new lift station and the installation of sanitary sewer force main in the project limits.

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