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Concrete Repair Scheduled for Three Panels Located in Roberts Alley Next Week


  • Project Overview Map
    Project Overview Map

Zone: Downtown
Project: Roberts Alley & Street Reconstruction Project

Phase 1 (the south 250 feet) of the Roberts Alley Project was completed last fall as scheduled. Phase 2 (the north 434 feet) was completed this year in early September. When projects are complete they are reviewed against construction specifications. A series of cracks in three panels in the south portion of the alley appeared and have been added to the construction punch list for repair.

The needed construction punch list Alley section closures is the last planned project work by the City of Fargo Engineering Department this year.

Work Schedule:
The panels will be removed, and new concrete will be poured in the same day. After the concrete has achieved the designed strength, the Contractor will begin on the next panel. This is to maintain car, delivery truck and garbage access in the Alley.

Work will begin on Monday, September 24. Weather permitting, all three panels should be replaced within seven days of the first panel removal. This week crews will be working in the Alley for a few hours to prepare the panels for removal.

General Information Regarding Access, Construction, Garbage & Deliveries:
The Alley will be accessible from 4th and 2nd Avenues North; however, due to the location of the panels no thru traffic will be allowed once the Contractor starts the repair work. The three panels are location in two areas in the Alley. The two repair locations will be done separately to provide as much access as possible.

Deliveries and parking lot access will be allowed. Trucks and cars will need to turn around and exit the Alley where they entered.

The existing dumpsters will remain in the alley; however, the dumpster location may be temporarily moved north, during the punch list work. Property owners will need to place their garbage in their designated dumpsters. The Contractor is not required to assist with removals.

Pedestrian access within the north and south portion of the Alley will function as normal.

Thank you for your patience through both phases of alley improvements.

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