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South University Drive Traffic Shifted Head-to-Head on the West Side


  • Current Traffic Pattern
    Current Traffic Pattern

Zone: South
Project: I-94 & South University Drive Interchange Project

Contractors for the NDDOT Fargo District and City of Fargo Interstate 94 (I-94) and South University Drive interchange and road improvement project shifted drivers to the same side of the roadway. All open driving lanes are carried on the existing pavement of the west side of the work zone. Motorists have two lanes open in both the northbound and southbound direction.

Turning movements from the west side business driveway and 18th Avenue S intersection access has changed with this traffic shift.


  • Left-hand turns out of business driveways on the west side are restricted to right-in/right-out only on to South University Drive
  • Northbound motorists are not able to cross over traffic and turn left into driveways


  • Business driveways on the west side of South University Drive (US Bank, Business Park, Taco Shop and Loaf N’ Jug) are via side street driveways
  • Best route is via 17th Avenue S to 13th ½ Avenue S where all businesses have additional access points
  • To travel east or west on 18th Avenue S motorists from northbound or southbound South University Drive traffic are detoured up next intersection
  • East: Best route is via 17th Avenue S to 11th Avenue S to 18th
  • West: Best route is via 17th Avenue S to 13th ½ Avenue S

Motorists are able to turn into traffic from 18th Avenue S to head north or south on South University Drive. Access onto to South University from I-94 remains open for use of the traveling public.

The head-to-head traffic shift allows crews to be able to begin removing the east side of the roadway for the needed improvements. Work on the east side will take about two months to complete underground and paving operations. Traffic will then shift to the newly constructed east side roadway to begin the reconstruction of the west side of South University Drive and ramp improvements.

Speeds are reduced to 25 mph. Motorists may experience brief delays. If an alternative route is available, motorists are encouraged to use these routes to help those traveling through or turning into driveways found in the work zone.

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