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The Mayors' Message - February 26, 2018

I was happy to give a report about the progress of our excellent city staff members at the February 26 City Commission meeting. I hope you are as proud of the work Team Fargo completes as I am.

On February 22, the Fargo Cass Public Health Environmental Health Division hosted two bed bug seminars in an effort to provide community education and awareness on the topic. The seminars were facilitated by a licensed pest control exterminator and 86 people attended.

Fargo Cass Public Health hosted two workshops in February as part of the new Back to Work Mom program to support breastfeeding, working moms in our community. Workshops will be held in each of the next three months.

Events at the Library over the next couple of weeks include: Reading the World Book Club on Thursday; Seusstastic Day on Saturday, an event that celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday; a houseplant workshop on March 6; and a cultural program featuring the country of Haiti on March 11.

The U32 apartment developers will start construction on a second apartment building this summer on 32nd Avenue North. The building is the second of four proposed on the 12-acre site. The 5-story, 116-unit student housing apartment will have underground and surface parking.

Art Place America featured The Fargo Project in a recent article as a case study on how arts and culture can accelerate environmental progress. The Fargo Project is a collaboration between the City and local artists to make stormwater detention basins more functional from a social and aesthetic perspective, integrating stormwater management with living community spaces that celebrate water as an essential part of Fargo’s identity and culture.

Regarding the recent school shooting in Florida and the response of the school resource officer there, the Chief said it is everyone’s hope that police officers all go home safe at the end of the day, but it is the Fargo Police Department’s Number One Priority each day to protect and serve the community. He said being a police officer is an honorable and noble profession and they all have to be courageous in order to protect people and save lives, especially in an active shooter situation. He said Fargo school resource officers understand the importance of their roles and look at the students in their schools as their children and would not hesitate to face evil head-on in order to protect them.

I participated in the 6th Annual Pinewood Derby for the Vets last weekend at the VFW in Fargo. The fundraiser was for much needed repairs and improvements to the VFW building. I am happy to report that my car, which was built by Mike Hagen and Team Naughty Wood, took first place in the Mayors’ Challenge.

We have an incredible growing city with great services, citizens and people working for us. Thanks for all that you do.

Mayor Tim Mahoney