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We Are All Part of the Unique Fabric that Interweaves to Form the Eclectic Community that is Fargo


As the Mayor of Fargo, all too often I am asked to react to individual incidents of hate crime and violence. We have to realize that in order to grow as a community we all have to learn to get along with others. I seek to foster a long-lasting resolution of respect and inclusiveness so we can continue to grow as a city and a greater metro community.

I am extremely proud to promote Fargo as a place that is welcoming and embracing of all people. The Fargo I know is a city that celebrates and promotes diversity, all while preserving and respecting our citizen’s safety and dignity.

Fargo’s values of diversity and inclusion help make our city stronger. We must commit ourselves to resist hate and violence in all forms. In order to accomplish this, we all need to act in chorus with each other, including civic organizations, law enforcement agencies and community members.

It is my hope that Fargo’s citizens, along with those in the greater metro area, never need to question their safety in this community. As Fargo grows into an urban center, we need to rise above the small differences we may have and promote inclusiveness. Divisive actions such as those witnessed recently can negatively alter what Fargo’s future will be and limit what we could be.

We need to agree that our fellow citizens sometimes need a hand up and not a hand out. We also need to realize that someday, due to circumstances beyond our control, we could become refugees; it could happen to any one of us, and how would we want to be treated?

We need to support victims of hate crimes and send a strong message that this behavior has zero tolerance. We need to strive to be an embracing city so we can all grow and thrive.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that we all need to recommit ourselves to the mission of portraying Fargo in a positive light across the nation while respecting the dignity within each of us. Please realize that we are all part of the unique fabric that interweaves to form the eclectic community that is Fargo.