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Woodcrest Dr N Improvements (Lilac Ln to Lilac Ln)

Zone: NorthWhat zone am I?


Start: Spring 2024

Estimated Completion: Fall 2024

Current Status:

This project is currently scheduled to be bid in late 2023.

Overall Project Map:


Overall Project Map

Project Overview:

Construction activities include the removal and replacement of the existing water main, sanitary sewer, asphalt pavement, concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveway aprons, and upgrades to the storm sewer system.


This project will be constructed in phases to minimize local impacts as much as possible.


To Be Determined


It is anticipated that construction will begin in the spring of 2024 with all roads reopened in the fall of 2024.


Storm sewer upgrades related to flood mitigation improvements will be funded by the Diversion Authority and will not be special assessed.

The remaining portions of the project will be funded by a combination of City Funds (Wastewater Utility Funds, Water Utility Funds, Storm Sewer Utility Funds & Infrastructure Sales Tax) and Special Assessments to the benefiting properties. Special Assessments will be applied per City policy.


The existing water main and sanitary sewer is being replaced to minimize impacts and costs associated with breaks/failures. The street reconstruction is necessary because the existing street section has deteriorated significantly and has exceeded its life expectancy.

The storm sewer upgrades are part of the ongoing flood mitigation work to combine storm sewer outfalls to the river. By combining the outfalls into one centralized location, it results in more efficient pumping of storm water runoff during periods of high water in the river.

Public Meeting Video:

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