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Asphalt Wear Course Project: 2018

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Start: June 2018

Estimated Completion: October 2018


Overall Map

Current Status:

The 2018 Asphalt Wear Course project began Monday, June 18th, 2018 and is now substantially complete.

Project Overview:

This project is part of the City's annual infrastructure improvement efforts and impacts multiple areas of Fargo each construction season. The purpose of the project is to install the final structural layer of pavement to recently constructed streets.

Per City of Fargo standard practice, the asphalt wear course is not installed during a road's initial construction, thereby allowing for the wear course to be installed upon the completion of the majority of the housing/commercial development in the area. By installing the wear course at this time, we are able to correct roadway deficiencies that have been caused by natural settlement and/or the activities associated with housing/commercial construction.

As part of the project, the Street Department will be foam-jacking sections of the curb and gutter in an effort to alleviate any major drainage issues. This process involves drilling small holes through the curb and gutter (and driveway apron when necessary) and injecting foam through holes to raise the gutter to the desired grade.

The Contractor will replace areas of broken pavement, as well as a limited amount of curb and gutter. The Contractor will also be replacing various sections of sidewalk that need updating in order to satisfy the accessibility standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The project will take place in six different areas across south Fargo. To view the affected areas, please refer to the project's Overall Project Map via the Project Resources section on the right side of this page.


Traffic will be maintained during construction, but short-term lane closures, parking restrictions, and sidewalk closures are required to safely accommodate construction activity.


FM Asphalt


Construction began in June and continue throughout the summer, with completion scheduled for early October.


This project will be 100% funded by Special Assessments to the benefiting properties.

Fargo Parcels is a good resource for viewing the current estimated special assessments for your property. Property owners will receive an estimate for their property. The estimate will change once the project has been completed. Special Assessments are payable over 15 years with interest applied.


This project is needed to add the final structural layer of asphalt to our roads. This will give the road section its designed thickness while correcting any deficiencies which have appeared over time. By installing the asphalt wear course at this time we can help extend the life of our roads while achieving a smoother riding surface with improved drainage.