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8th St, 8th Ave, 9th Ave, & 10th Ave North Improvements

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Start: June 7th, 2023

Estimated Completion: Fall of 2023

Current Status (Updated 11/15/23):

This project is substantially complete.

Overall Project Map:

8th Street North Overall Map

Overall Project Map

Project Overview:

This project is part of the City’s annual infrastructure improvement efforts. The purpose of this project is to upgrade portions of the City’s infrastructure in this area including water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and paving.

Also, all sewer services, which are in the roadway, will be replaced from the main line to approximately 5’ behind the curb. The cost for replacing the sewer services will not be special assessed but instead will be paid 100% with Waste Water Utility Funds.

Construction activities will include the following improvements:

  • Installation of new water main, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer.
  • New water services and sewer services from the main to the boulevard.
  • Complete road reconstruction and asphalt paving with new curb and gutter.
  • Driveway approaches and sidewalk replacement and repairs.


Portions of 8th Street North, 8th Avenue North and 10th Avenue North will be closed to accommodate construction activities. This project will be constructed in the following phases in order to minimize local impacts as much as possible:

  • Phase 1: 8th Street North from 7th Avenue to 8th Avenue and 8th Avenue North from 9th Street to 7th Street (closed for up to 70 days).
  • Phase 2: 8th Street North from 8th Avenue to 10th Avenue (closed for up to 60 days).
  • Phase 3: 10th Avenue North from 9th Street to 7th Street (closed for up to 60 days).

We will maintain driveway access as long as possible, but access will not be possible at all times. Further updates on driveway access will be sent out when it gets closer to the start of construction.


Master Construction


The project is scheduled to bid on October 26, 2022. Construction is anticipated to start sometime in May 2023, with all work scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2023.


The project is being funded by a combination of:

  • Waste Water Utility Funds
  • Water Utility Funds
  • Sales Tax
  • Special Assessments
  • Street Light Funds
  • Storm Water Funds

All properties within the Special Assessment District will receive a Special Assessment. is a good resource to view the current estimate for your property. The estimate will change once the project is bid and completed but it will show an estimated assessment amount based off previous bid prices. Special Assessments are payable over 25 years with interest applied the year after the project is complete.


This project will install needed upgrades and tie-ins to the City’s infrastructure and will correct deficiencies on the streets that have appeared over time. The finished product will provide better water and sewer distribution, and a better constructed roadway.

Public Meeting Video (Sept. 12th, 2022):