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4th Street South Fully Open to Traffic


  • Project Overview Map
    Project Overview Map

Zone: Downtown, South
Project: 4th Street South Road & Water Main Improvement Project

This week crews reopened all residential blocks on 4th Street South between 2nd Street South to 13th Avenue South to traffic. All intersections have been restored to two driving lanes from a single driving lane and driveways are accessible from 4th Street South throughout the entire project area.

Over the next few weeks, crews will continue to be working through the area on street signage and complete the installation of a crosswalk traffic signal at 8th Avenue South. This work is anticipated to have minimal traffic impacts. With crews still working in the area, drivers are encouraged to slow down and pay attention.

Through the area, existing street lighting is operational or temporary lighting has been installed and seasonal on-street parking is now in effect.

With the cooler temperatures, the project will enter winter suspension and crews will complete the following under traffic with intermittent lanes closures and street detours next year:

  • Widen and seal four blocks of 4th Street South
  • Install permanent pavement markings
  • Install permanent street lighting
  • Seeding to all disturbed grass

The project work was split into seven overlapping phases:

  • Phase One: (Completed) 6th Avenue South halfway between 4th Street to 7th Street South
  • Phase Two: (Completed) 4th Street from 13th Avenue South through 11th Avenue South, including work on 13th Avenue South to the west of 4th Street and work on 11th Avenue South east of 4th Street
  • Phase Three: (Winter suspension) 4th Street from 11th Avenue South to halfway between 9th Avenue South and 8th Avenue South
  • Phase Four: (Completed) 10th Avenue South from 4th Street to the east
  • Phase Five: (Winter suspension) 4th Street from half way between 9th Avenue South and 8th Avenue South to 6th Avenue South
  • Phase Six: (Completed) 4th Street from 6th Avenue South to middle of Prairie St. Johns parking lot
  • Phase Seven: (Completed) 4th Street from the middle of Prairie St. Johns parking lot to 2nd Street

Since mid-May, contractors have been working on a large full roadway reconstruction and water main improvement project to upgrade portions of the City of Fargo’s infrastructure in this area including water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, pavement, curb and gutter, street lighting and the traffic signal located at the intersection of 4th Street South and 8th Avenue South.

In addition, driveway approaches and sidewalks on 4th Street South were replaced. The roadway on 4th Street South was reconfigured to accommodate bicycle lanes along the curbs.

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