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Major Fargo Road Construction and Improvement Project Work Zones Game Day Travel Reminders


  • Major Fargo Area Work Zones Map
    Major Fargo Area Work Zones Map

With added traffic anticipated near North Dakota State University campus on Saturdays this year, the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Fargo District and City of Fargo want to remind motorists of area work zones along popular travel routes.

If these major road construction and infrastructure improvement project work zones are part of your travel routes, please add extra time to reach your destination. Driving lanes are reduced or roads and cross-traffic access is fully closed in these areas:


  • 10th Street North is closed between 4th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North. University Drive is head-to-head carrying the detoured northbound 10th Street North traffic until 12th Avenue North. Crossing at 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th Avenues North intersections are open to east/west traffic.
  • 12th Avenue North/15th Avenue North bridge and pedestrian crossing is closed to all traffic. Traffic crossing the river is detoured to the 1st Avenue North bridge.
  • 19th Avenue North is fully closed or open to local traffic only between 57th Street North to Interstate 29. The intersection of 45th Street North and 19th Avenue North is currently closed to north/south traffic or east to I-29.


  • I-94 and South University Drive interchange has reduced lanes for southbound travel between south of 17th Avenue South intersection to south of I-94 bridges. Northbound South University Drive has two driving lanes and all ramp access remains open.
  • 13th Avenue between 12th Street East in West Fargo to 45th Street South in Fargo one lane in each direction is open on the south side of the roadway.

There are a number of alternative routes for reaching and leaving game day activities at FargoDome safely. Suggested routes that could be taken by motorist includes:

  • I-94 to I-29 north to 12th Avenue North or 19th Avenue North exits to FargoDome
  • Main Avenue to I-29 north to 12th Avenue North or 19th Avenue North exits to FargoDome
  • Main Avenue to 25th Street North to 12th Avenue North to FargoDome
  • Main Avenue to Broadway North to 12th Avenue North or 19th Avenue to FargoDome
  • 19th Avenue North, either east or west to FargoDome

There are other area road improvement projects are occurring throughout the metro area that may impact your travel. Visit the NDDOT Travel Information map on the NDDOT website or other area travel information maps at or

Motorists should add extra time to your travel plans if your routes. As soon as you see a “work zone ahead” sign, reduce your speed and be on the lookout for workers, flaggers and changing lanes ahead.

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