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LDC Diagnostic

The purpose of the LDC Diagnostic is to provide an in-depth assessment of the quality and effectiveness of the City’s development codes, and to identify opportunities for improvement. This study concluded in the spring of 2021. The project’s two primary deliverables, the Diagnostic Report and the Preferred Approach & Work Plan, can be found below.

Diagnostic Report

The LDC Diagnostic Report summarizes the findings of a comprehensive assessment of the City’s development regulations, which includes input and insights from the Fargo Planning Commission, interviews with 39 individuals familiar with the current regulations, City staff, and a public open house. The report identifies and discusses existing challenges and shortfalls with the Land Development Code (Chapter 20 of the Fargo Municipal Code).

Preferred Approach & Work Plan

The Preferred Approach & Work Plan document outlines some of the process steps necessary to prepare for a comprehensive update to the Land Development Code.


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Project Updates & Summaries

Consultant Project Proposal