Fargo Announces Closure of All Facilities to the Public Until Further Notice

Essential City services are operating; citizens can reach us at FargoND.gov/Virtual

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Street Patch

Business Licensing

The City does not require business licenses for every type of commerce; however, the Fargo Municipal Code does require a City license for the businesses listed below.

You may renew the following licenses by filling out a Business License Application Form or an Occupational License Application Form and remitting it to the Auditor's Office. Some first-time applications can be found below or call the Auditor's Office at 701-241-1304.

Other Required Licenses

Separate applications are required for the following businesses and activities:

Requirements and information for starting new businesses in our state can be found on the North Dakota State website.

For information on other business licenses and registering your business name, contact the State of North Dakota Secretary of State's Office.