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Performing Arts Task Force Meeting Summary - May 14, 2019

Performing Arts Task Force
Meeting Summary
May 14, 2019

Task Force Members Present: Dave Piepkorn, Brad Wimmer, Linda Boyd, Charley Johnson, Travis Koch, Arlette Preston, Dan Armbrust, David Suppes and John Strand.

Staff Present: Jim Gilmour, Michael Redlinger, Kent Costin and Rob Sobolik

1. HVS Feasibility Analysis Update - HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facility Consulting

• Tom Hazinski, HVS Consulting, provided a summary of refreshed data from the 2015 Fargo Performance Center Study. The 2019 update builds upon the conclusions of the 2015 HVS Fargo Performance Center Study.
• Hazinski and Rob Remark, JLG Architects, discussed the process used to collect survey comments from the original 2015 stakeholders, as well as new individuals and organizations identified for the 2019 update.
• Stakeholder responses in 2019 were consistent with the feedback received in the 2015 HVS Performance Center Study. A key theme was that the facility should be flexible and affordable for a variety of user groups. The Task Force acknowledged that local organizations need affordable access to the facility.
• In addition to the survey data, HVS analyzed existing performance venues and seating capacities in the regional market. These facilities can guide the physical scale and operating requirements of the proposed Fargo project.
• HVS also updated a visitor spending analysis to measure the potential gross economic impact of arts patron spending. Hazinski summarized a pro forma of facility operations and the financial support that may be required by the public sector.
• Task Force Members asked about other regional performance venues not on the HVS stakeholder list and alternative financing tools, such as Opportunity Zones, to construct a performance center.

2. Stakeholder Survey Results - JLG Architects
• Rob Remark, JLG Architects, provided a summary of the 2019 stakeholder survey within the HVS Feasibility Analysis Update (agenda item #1).

3. Fundraising & Capital Campaign Framework/Approach (continued from the 3/12/19 Task Force meeting) - JLG Architects
• The Task Force discussed a capital campaign framework to begin fundraising for the proposed performance center.
• It was noted that establishing the City's capacity to construct/finance a performance center is a necessary first step. The City is capable of assisting with tax-exempt financing and annual debt service payments for a performance center; however, private fundraising goals must be established and capital raised before the issuance of public debt.