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Performing Arts Task Force Meeting Summary - March 12, 2019

Performing Arts Task Force
Meeting Summary
March 12, 2019

Task Force Members Present: Linda Boyd, Charley Johnson, Travis Koch, Dave Piepkorn, Arlette
Preston, & John Strand.

Staff Present: Jim Gilmour, Michael Redlinger, & Rob Sobolik

1. Site Selection Summary – JLG Architects
• LG Architects provided a summary of site adjacencies for “Site A” (Civic Center),
including the skyway system and downtown restaurant/retail amenities. An
overview of the scoring system used by JLG to rank/prioritize the various sites was
presented, and Task Force questions were addressed.
• Task Force Members inquired about site development challenges and costs for Site
A and Site B; specifically asking which of the two sites was more cost‐effective to
develop. JLG stated that the opinion of cost will point to a more cost‐effective
redevelopment of Site A. Site B has additional grading and elevation work required,
thereby increasing overall construction costs at this location.
• Commissioner Strand asked about repurposing the Civic Center to an alternative
use. It was noted that the future viability of the Civic Center is not the focus of this
particular study work. The Task Force discussed maintaining momentum for a
Performance Center to be built on Site A.
• Motion: Boyd moved, seconded by Johnson, to recommend to the City Commission
that Site A be considered as the preferred location of the Fargo Performance Center.

2. Stakeholder Engagement Letters & Communication Plan – JLG Architects
• JLG provided letter drafts that will be sent to potential Performance Center facility
users. The goal of the communication is to update stakeholders on the study process
and gather input on the needs of prospective users. The results of the survey will be
provided at a future Task Force meeting.

3. Tax Exempt Financing Overview – Staff
• Tabled to a future meeting.

4. Fundraising & Capital Campaign Framework/Approach – JLG Architects
• JLG Architects prepared and presented a “Fundraising & Task Force Champions”
document to start the conversation about the vision and goals of a future
fundraising effort for the Fargo Performance Center.
• It was noted that establishing a campaign approach and timeline will be necessary to
support the development of the facility. The Task Force suggested a continuation of
this discussion at a future meeting.

5. Next Steps – JLG Architects & Staff
• City staff and JLG provided brief updates on the HVS Feasibility Study refresh;
construction cost estimating for the project; the future Task Force meeting schedule;
and the format of the Final Task Force Report at the conclusion of the process.
• JLG and City staff will schedule focused follow‐up discussions and meetings, as needed, through the duration of the Task Force process.