Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board

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Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board - September 20, 2017 Minutes

70th Meeting of the
Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board September 20th, 2017 Fargo Commission Chambers

Members Present:
Jim Aasness, Dilworth City Council
Melissa Fabian, Moorhead City Council
Paul Grindeland, Valley Senior Services
Steve Fox, MSUM
Brit Stevens, NDSU

Members Absent:
Brenda Amenson‐Hill, MSUM
Brian Arett, Valley Senior Services
Tony Gehrig, Fargo City Commission
Tony Grindberg, Fargo City Commission
Kevin Hanson, Chair
Mark Simmons, West Fargo City Commission
Teresa Stolfus, M|State
Samantha Westrate, Concordia College
Sara Watson Curry, Moorhead City Council

Others Present:
Adam Altenburg, Metro COG
Julie Bommelman, City of Fargo
William Christian, Metro COG
Shawn Crowell, MATBUS Mobility Manager
Matt Peterson, City of Fargo
Jordan Smith, MATBUS Transit Fleet & Facility Manager
Lori Van Beek, City of Moorhead

A quorum was not present at the meeting. Non‐actionable items were presented as information to the Board and no action was taken on any items.

1. Call to Order and Introductions
Mr. Altenburg called the meeting to order and introductions were made. Mr. Altenburg stated that Chair Hanson was absent, and that a temporary chair would need to be elected. Ms. Van Beek suggested that Mr. Altenburg serve as acting chair for the meeting.

2. Review and Action on Minutes from May 17th, 2017.
No action was taken.

3. New MATBUS Website
Mr. Peterson introduced the new MATBUS website which was rolled out in May 2017. He stated that new features include a Trip Planner, Rider Alerts, Real‐Time Bus Tracker, updated Calendar with Current Events and News, and a search feature.

4. Social Media Changes and Constant Contact
Mr. Peterson informed the Board of several changes made to MATBUS’ social media. He stated that these updates were implemented via HootSuite, MATBUS’ social media
marketing and management dashboard. He explained that MATBUS’ Constant Contact information was recently updated. He stated that in the past, all interested persons would receive a mass email about detours, classes, routes, etc. He explained that with the update, interested persons could now choose which functions and email notifications they would like to receive.

5. Bus Contract Award (New Flyer Industries), Fargo Transit Grants Update
Ms. Van Beek provided an update on the federal grant applications. She explained that two busses will be purchased via state and federal grants. She informed the Board that this information would be presented to the Moorhead City Council meeting in September.

6. Fargo Transit Grants Update
Ms. Bommelman provided an update transit grants for the City of Fargo. She explained that $400,000 was awarded for one 35’ replacement bus under NDDOT’s 5339 Discretionary Capital Bus and Bus Facilities Grant in 2017. She stated that $846,026 was awarded for two 35’ replacement buses as well as computer hardware and mobile surveillance and security equipment under the 5339 grant in 2018. She explained that an additional $187,128 was awarded for a 35’ replacement bus under NDDOT’s 5310 Discretionary Capital Grant program in 2018.

She explained that, under the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) transfer to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital – Urban Roads Program (STPU), $1488,000
was awarded for three or possibly four replacement buses contingent upon final pricing. She stated that this capital allocation has not been finalized. She informed the Board that the FTA 5307 Capital and Operating programmed full appropriation of $2,397,121 was not announced until July 2017. Mr. Smith provided an update on the transit pool. He discussed the cost differences of maintenance and upkeep on the older busses, versus the cost of purchase of a new bus.

7. Moorhead 2018 Mass Transit Budget Summary
Ms. Van Beek provided a summary on the Moorhead transit budget for 2018.

8. MATBUS Operations and Ridership Reports
Ms. Van Beek and Ms. Bommelman provided an update on operations and monthly
ridership reports for July and August.

9. Paratransit Updates
Mr. Crowell provided a summary of changes made to the MATBUS Paratransit program
in 2017, as well as future goals for the program.

10. Other Business
No additional business.
Acting Chair Altenburg adjourned the meeting at 9:00 AM.