Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board

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Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board

70th Meeting of the
Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board
November 15th, 2017
Fargo Commission Chambers

Members Present:
Jim Aasness, Dilworth City Council
Melissa Fabian, Moorhead City Council
Steve Fox, MSUM
Kevin Hanson, Chair
Brit Stevens, NDSU
Paul Grindeland, Valley Senior Services

Members Absent:
Brian Arett, Valley Senior Services
Tony Gehrig, Fargo City Commission
Tony Grindberg, Fargo City Commission
Mark Simmons, West Fargo City Commission
Teresa Stolfus, M|State
Sara Watson Curry, Moorhead City Council
Samantha Westrate, Concordia College

Others Present:
Lori Van Beek, City of Moorhead
Julie Bommelman, City of Fargo
Michael Maddox, Metro COG
Matt Peterson, MATBUS

1. Call to Order and Introductions
Chair Kevin Hanson called the meeting to order, noting that a quorum was not present. The present board members agreed to discuss all non‐voting items on the agenda.

2. Review and Action on Minutes from September 20, 2017.
No action was taken on this item due to a lack of quorum.

3. Proposed Changes to Route 24
Matt Peterson presented the proposed changes to Route 24. MATBUS received a number of complaints from one neighborhood in West Fargo. MATBUS worked with West Fargo’s Larry Weil to work on the proposed change to the route. The small change moves one stop from 6th street to 4th street. The changes come with use from the ReMix software purchased in 2017. West Fargo City Commission approved the route change, and the Fargo City Commission is slated to vote on it. Due to lack of quorum,

4. Preliminary Results of LinkFM Survey
Matt Peterson presented the preliminary results of the LinkFM Survey. The survey was ten questions, via Constant Contact service. Results found that Overall service and Ease‐of‐Use was rated at above‐average, 35% of riders used LinkFM for special events (Unglued Craft Fest, Street Fair, TedX, etc.). The highest number of riders is around the lunch hour. There was also interest in extending hours to 9pm.