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Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board - May 17, 2017 Minutes

1. Call to Order and Introductions
Chair Hanson called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present .

2. Review and Action on Minutes from March 1st, 2017.
A motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Aasness, and seconded by Ms. Watson· Curry.
Motion was carried unanimously.

3. MnDOT Grant Applications for Extended Service
Lori Van Beek presented the MnDOT Grant Applications for Extended Service. The State of Minnesota is encouraging transit systems to provide more service. Minnesota is offering a new program: MnDOT Pilot Program for Service Expansion. This will provide grants for expansion, and providing 100% of the cost for two years, after the two years, the transit authorities will take over the local share matches (20 % fixed route, 15% paratransit).
The first draft of the grant application is due Friday, March 3rd, and the final draft due March
15th . The final draft will be taken to Moorhead City Council on March 13th, for approval and submission to M11DOT.

A preliminary list of projects has been assembled by MATBUS and partners, to include (ranked in order of higher necessity): Sunday Service, Addition of Personnel, Evening Geographic Coverage, Expansion Vehicle Equipment, Expansion Vehicle, Shelter Relocation, Shelter Purchase and Installation , and Consultant Analysis.

Chair Hanson asked if the re was a dollar limit for the application. Ms. Van Beek responded that there is not a dollar limit, however, all projects may not be selected . There are a number of agencies applying as well.

Chair Hanson also questioned the Sunday Service, it is known to be listed in the TDP, but has there been greater demand by riders for this service? Ms. Van Beek stated that Sunday Service was the number one requested service, as provided by surveys.

Recommend to the Moorhead City Council approval of a grant application to the State of Minnesota under the Pilot Program for Service Expansion.
A motion was made by Ms. Watson-Curry, and seconded by Ms. Fabian.
Motion was carried unanimously.

4. Moorhead Colleges Memorandum of Understanding
M S. Van Beek presented the Moorhead College Memorandum of Understanding.The colleges in Moorhead have been in contact with the City of Moorhead looking to update the U-Pass contracts. Ms. Van Beek states that they are behind schedule with trying to get this through. The last Memo of Understanding has now expired, and was never finalized, however the memo was followed. The new contract only has slight changes from the previous version. The memo stat es that 30% of the fare of revenue is paid by the colleges, and this will continue to the contract of 2017-2018. Ridership was low er, so the U-Pass membership will be less than previous years. A draft will be submitted to the colleges, and a fee schedule finalized.

No motion.

5. LinkFM Report
M s. Bommelman presented the LinkFM Report. The cities of Fargo and Moorhead have suggested that the responsibilities of the Downtown Transit Subcommittee to be taken over by the MAT Coordinating Board.

M s. Bommelman also provided an updated report of the LinkFM service.

A discussion of the Removal of Free Transfers was held. M s. Bommelm an reported staggering free transfer information. The program was first released as a promotional tool to boost ridership.

Ms. Van Beek presented an update on the LinkFM Shelter Lighting. M s. Bommelman presented an update on route paths.
Recommend to approve the transfer of responsibilities of the Downtown Transit Circular
Subcommittee to the MAT Coordinating Board effective immediately.
A motion was made by Mr. Aasness, and seconded by Ms. Watson-Curry. Motion was carri ed unanimously .

Recommend the removal of Free Transfers from the UnkFM.
A motion was made by M r. Grindeland, and seconded by Mr. Aasness. Motion was carried unanimously.

6. MATBUS Transit Route Planning Software Purchase RFP
Michael Maddox presented the Transit Route Planning Software Purchase request for
proposals. M r. Maddox provided a quick description and history of events leading up to t he presentation of this RFP. The Metro COG Transportation Committee and Policy Board have both approved the RFP for rel ease. The subscription -based service is CPG eligible , and has been approved for a one-year subscription at this time, with longer subscription periods
may provide a discount .

Recommend to approve the
A motion was made by Mr. Weil., and seconded by Ms. Watson-Curry . Motion was carried unanimously.

7. MATBUS Transit Hub Analysis and Development Strategy
Michael Maddox presented on the Transit Hub Analysis Development Strategy project. Currently, the West Acres Mall serves as a major transit hub. The West Acres management company has suggested the removal of the transit hub from West Acres. Significant federal funding has been put into renovations, which may be a complication should the removal
proceed. The RFP for this project outlines an analysis of the West Acres hub, as well as research on other possible locations. Met ro COG has allotted $250,000 of CPG for this study. Ms. Van Beek explained that local match has not been attained for 2017 to do an analysis on the Moorhead side, but if the West Acres analysis is done first, the project will most likely carryover into 2018, making local match possible.

Recommend to approve the MATBUS Tran sit Hub Analysis and Development Strategy RFP
A motion was made by Mr. Aasness., and seconded by Ms. Stolfus. Motion was carried unanimously.

8. Sanford Medical Center Transit Route and Service to Costco
Julie Bommelman presented on a Sanford Medical Center Transit Route and service to Costco. With the construction of the new Sanford medical center in southwest Fargo, a new bus route will be implemented. The route will also have a stop at the Costco in West Fargo, as well as the various hotels located around the new medical center.

Larry Weil mentioned that a lot of comments from the West Fargo community have been asking for transit service in West Fargo, so this should be a welcome addition.

No action at this time, this is for informational purposes.

9. NDDOT Capital 5339 and 5310 Grant Applications
Julie Bommelman presented the NDDOT Capital 5339/5310 Grant Applications. The grant process was previously split between spring and fall seasons. The process has now been streamlined to both application processes taking place this spring. Priorities for grant projects would be fixed-ro ut e bus replacement, GTC facility updates, and potential bike share updates.

Recommend to approve the grant requests to the State of North Dakota for 5339/5310
capital funding in 2018.
A motion was made by Mr. Weil., and seconded by Ms. Watson-Curry. Motion was carried unanimously.

10. Discussion on Route 5 Alternative
Ms. Van Beek presented an update on Route 5. The November 2016 MAT Coordinating Board discussed the detour route set up during the construction on 8th street. Since t hen there have been some issues with neighborhood complaints, the rerouting of the MState
stop, and the addition of a signal at 3rd Avenue .

11. MATBUS Ridership Reports December 2016
Matt Peterson presented the ridership reports for 2016. There was a 6.31% drop in ridership for the 2016 year, in comparison to the 2015 year. The reports were broken into quarters so marketing promotions could be tracked. There is different coding to track ridership of special events such as ESPN Game Day, Hjemkomst events, and t he Unglued festival. Ms.
Bomrnelman pointed out t he low fuel prices and bike share programs may contribute to the small drop in ridership .

12. Other Business
No other business was addressed.