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Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board - March 1, 2017 MInutes

1. Chair Hanson called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.

2. Review and Action on Minutes from August 17th, 2016.
A motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Haney, and seconded by Mr. Aasness
Motion was carried unanimously.

3. Joint Powers Agreement with Dilworth and Fargo Park District
Ms. Van Beek presented a Joint Powers Agreement between Dilworth and the Fargo Park
District. The agreement is a continuation of the original agreement approved in 2008. It
shows a 1% budget increase.
Recommend to approve agreement.
A motion was made by Mr. Haney, and seconded by Ms. Oatey
Motion was carried unanimously.

4. Moorhead Proposed Service Changes
Ms. Van Beek presented proposed MATBUS service changes for Moorhead. Night service
routes were highlighted, with a proposed change that Route 4 be continued as a night
service route, pulling route 7 as a second bus for route 4; allowing for 30 minute services.
Route 8 will stay in place as a night route. Route 5 was detoured this summer due to
construction, proposed change is to make the detour permanent.Recommend to approve Proposed Service Changes
A motion was made by Mr. Haney, and seconded by Mr. Aasness.
Motion was carried unanimously.

5. Minnesota Capital Grant Funding for 2017
Ms. Van Beek presented on the Minnesota Capital Grant for 2017. MATBUS has three aging
busses that need to be replaced. State of Minnesota approved a capital grant to pay for the
replacement of the aging busses, to be paid in 2018.
Recommend to approve Minnesota Capital Funding Grant for 2017
A motion was made by Mr. Arett, and seconded by Mr. Haney
Motion was carried unanimously.

6. 2017 Dilworth Transit Service
Ms. Van Beek presented the 2017 operating contract for Moorhead to continue providing
service to Dilworth. Budget is down from last year. A proposed fee of the local share match
should be covered by Dilworth, of $2089 per year‐ based on mileage.
Recommend to approve the 2017 Dilworth Transit Service Contract
A motion was made by Ms. Elmer, and seconded by Mr. Haney
Motion was carried unanimously.

7. North Dakota FTA 5339 Application
Ms. Bommelman presented information on the North Dakota FTA 5339 Application. The
application is due to the Fargo‐Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments by
December 1st, and due to NDDOT by December 23rd. This grant will cover busses and bus
facilities. Seven busses will need replacement, as they have passed their 12‐year lifetime
and mileage. Each new bus will include an automated passenger counter feature. This will
provide more accurate ridership counts.

8. Development of MATBUS App
Mr. Peterson presented information on the development of the MATBUS app. The app
provides a simple app‐ available on both Apple and Android devices. Features include a live
bus tracker feature, current detour information ‐provided by the downtown dispatchers,
Trip Planner, feedback, and easy contact. Since October 1st, this app has been downloaded
over 500 times. Future plans include mobile ticketing. Ms. Elmer asked if the LinkFM route is
included in the App‐ this route is included. Chair Hanson asked how the app has been
promoted, Mr. Peterson said that it is heavily promoted via social media, radio ads,
billboards, and local publications (magazines, HPR, etc.).

9. Quarter Day Marketing Promotion
Ms. Haak presented the MATBUS Quarter promotion. The promotion will start on Friday,
November 25th, as part of the Holiday Fare promotion. Starting Black Friday, and then every
Saturday until the end of the year, MATBUS riders can ride for a quarter. Midwest Radio has
contributed an added component, with gift card giveaways. Entry boxes will be on all busses
on the days the promotion runs.

10. MATBUS Ridership Reports April 2016
Ms. Van Beek and Ms. Bommelman presented on MATBUS operations reports for July,
August, and September.

11. Other Business
No other business was address.