Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board

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Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board - August 2, 2017 Minutes

Members Present:
Jim Aasness, Dilworth City Council
Melissa Fabian, Moorhead City Council
Steve Fox, MSUM (alternate for Brenda Amenson‐Hill)
Paul Grindeland, Valley Senior Services
Kevin Hanson, Chair
Mark Simmons, West Fargo City Commission
Brit Stevens, NDSU
Teresa Stolfus, M|State
Sara Watson Curry, Moorhead City Council
Samantha Westrate, Concordia College

Members Absent:
Brenda Amenson‐Hill, MSUM
Brian Arett, Valley Senior Services
Tony Gehrig, Fargo City Commission
Tony Grindberg, Fargo City Commission
Others Present:
Lori Van Beek, City of Moorhead
Julie Bommelman, City of Fargo
William Christian, Metro COG
Michael Maddox, Metro COG
Jordan Smith, MATBUS

1. Call to Order and Introductions
Chair Hanson called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. A quorum was present.

2. Review and Action on Minutes from May 17th, 2017.
A motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Aasness, and seconded by Ms. Watson
Motion was carried unanimously.

3. 90‐Day Youth Pass Analysis
Mr. Peterson presented information from the 90‐Day Youth Pass Analysis. Ridership for
youth showed a downward trend, and it has been suggested that a 90‐Day annual pass
would be more favorable over a 30‐day summer pass.
Ms. Watson Curry asked if this type of application is used in other transit systems. Mr.
Peterson said that while some have done this, this is more of a local solution.
A motion to Recommend to the Fargo City Commission and Moorhead City Concil that they
hold a public hearing to consider changing the MATBUS Summer Youth Pass to a 90‐Day
Youth Pass at a cost of $26.00 was made by Ms. Fabian, and seconded by Ms. Watson Curry.
Motion was carried unanimously.

4. Bike/Bus Joint Pass Program
Mr. Peterson presented a potential joint Bike/Bus multi‐pass. The multi‐pass would work for
both MATBUS fixed‐route and Great Rides Bike Share programs. Both a one‐day pass and
30‐day passes would be available for purchase at the GTC. The passes would be available
from mid‐April through mid‐September, ensuring bikes are available for anyone utilizing this
Discussion included target market, locations, ticketing, and profits.
A motion to authorize City of Fargo and City of Moorhead Transit staff to advance the
proposed multi Bike‐Pass to the cities’ respective finance committees for review as a
promotional fare under a pilot program from August 2017 through September 30, 2018 was
made by Mr. Aasness, and seconded by Ms. Watson Curry.
Motion was carried unanimously.

5. Moorhead U‐Pass Agreement Update
Ms. Van Beek presented the revised Moorhead U‐Pass Agreement. A new budgeting
amount will be brought forward to the area colleges – an amount higher than previously
estimated. Ms. Van Beek will be discussing this with the various entities, and will report back
with updated information.

6. Moorhead 2018 Operating Budget & MnDOT Grant (Funding Reduction)
Ms. Van Beek presented an update on the MnDOT Grant and Moorhead 2018 Operating
Budget. The Grant submission date was moved up to July 31st, and an extension was
granted. Changes to the Operation Budget includes shelter snow removal being contracted
out versus the city.

7. Link FM Update & Draft Survey
Ms. Bommelman presented an update on the Link FM ridership. An analysis was broken
down by average monthly basis. Ms. Van Beek presented a draft Link FM survey. They are
looking for feedback and hope to release the survey both digitally and physically. Discussion
included possible questions to be added.
A motion to recommend staff to conduct a survey of downtown businesses and Link FM
passengers, and report back the findings to the MAT Coordinating Board was made by Mr.
Aasness, and seconded by Ms. Watson Curry.

8. MATBUS Operations Report
Ms. Van Beek, Mr. Peterson, and Ms. Bommelman presented ridership numbers.
Representatives will be at NDSU during the first week of school, and Bridge Bash in
Moorhead, they are more than willing to go to the other colleges in the area as well. The
mobile page/app has been seeing positive usage numbers. A new website will be launched

9. Other Business
Mr. Peterson presented an update on the NDSU U‐Pass Agreement.
Mr. Maddox presented an update on the ReMix Software purchase.
Mr. Maddox presented an update on the MATBUS Transit Facility Analysis study. KLJ was
chosen as the consulting firm.
Ms. Bommelman presented Jordan Smith as the new Transit Facility Maintenance Manager.