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Municipal Airport Authority - Special Meeting

Monday, February 25th, 2019

A Special Meeting of the Municipal Airport Authority was held Monday, February 25, 2019, at 3:00 pm in the Airport Boardroom.
The members present or absent were as follows:

Linn, Blazek, Lind, Clark (via telephone), Haugen



Chairman Haugen presiding.

Discussed Capital Improvement Plan and Reviewed Future Funding Sources:
Chairman Haugen stated at the last meeting the board members requested this special meeting at which we will discuss our Capital Improvement Plan and review the future funding sources for these projects.

Mr. Dobberstein stated the board members received the 2019 Capital Improvement Plan which was submitted to the FAA for potential projects through 2034. He stated Mr. Jeff Klein, Mead & Hunt, has prepared a power point presentation reviewing where the airport gets its funding for construction and improvements.
Mr. Klein reviewed the proposed projects for 2019:
Elevated walkway
Cargo Apron Expansion – Phase IV
Snow Removal Equipment Replacement
Runway 36 Special Authorization CAT II – Justification Study
Snow Removal Equipment Building Expansion – Design

Mr. Klein stated the Elevated Walkway is eligible for FAA/AIP funding but the plan has been if the board moves forward with the walkway to fund the project with PFC funding, since there are so many other AIP eligible projects which would carry a higher priority with the FAA. He stated we have submitted an application for additional federal grant funds for the Cargo Apron Expansion – Phase IV. He stated estimated cost of the expansion is $15 million and our grant application was for $12 million.

Mr. Dobberstein stated the Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) replacement includes brooms, plows and trucks, etc. needed to maintain the airport

Mr. Klein stated in order to move forward with the Runway 36 Special Authorization Cat II Project we would first need to complete the Justification Study, which is proposed for 2019. The final item on the 2019 list is the design for the expansion of the Snow Removal Equipment Building(Maintenance Shop). The expansion project is shown in the 2020 schedule on the CIP.

Mr. Dobberstein stated it would be helpful for the board members to take a quick tour of the shop to see how much an expansion project is needed.

Mr. Blazek stated we might consider fast tracking the expansion of the SRE Building and do a design/build so we could be in the building by spring of 2020.

Mr. Terry Stroh, TL Stroh Architects, stated construction of an expansion to the current building or a new building is the type of construction that would be able to be done fairly quickly. He stated usually any delay is with waiting for materials.

Mr. Klein briefly reviewed the remaining projects through 2034. He noted the projects that are not eligible for any federal funding (AIP or PFC), a parking garage, rental car lot rehabilitation and expansion, parking lot rehabilitation and expansion.

Mr. Dobberstein stated we could see projects that we are not aware of at this point added to the plan next year. He added this is a working document that is subject to change at any time. He stated construction and improvements at the airport are never done.

Chairman Haugen asked the board members to review all of the information received today and be ready to make decisions at the meeting in the morning.

The Special Meeting was adjourned until the next Regular Meeting to be held Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. Time at adjournment was 4:11 p.m.