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Drop-Site Example

Drop Site Locations

Please note: do not put any type of bags into the recycling containers.

North Fargo: All recyclables including yard waste

  • Longfellow Park: Elm St and Forest Ave. N.
  • Waste Water Plant: Intersection of 10 St. and 37th Ave. N.
  • North Coliseum: 10th St., north of 17th Ave. N.
  • Solid Waste Department: 2301 8th Ave. N.
  • Mickelson Field: 9th Ave. N., east of Oak St.

South Fargo: All recyclables including yard waste

  • Water Plant: 1408 S. River Road
  • Lift Station: 42nd St. and 2nd Ave. SW
  • Lewis & Clark School: 17th St. and 18th Ave. S.
  • Rheault Farm: 25th St. and 30th Ave. S.
  • 4515 University Dr. South
  • Centennial Area: 25th St. and 40th Ave. S.
  • Shanley High School: 5600 25th St. S.
  • Osgood Fire Station: 3957 Village Lane (north side)
  • Deer Creek: 5400 63rd St S

North Fargo: All recyclables except yard waste

  • Family Fare: University Drive & 7th Ave. N.
  • CVS Parking Lot: University Drive & 19th Ave. N.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 606 43 1/2 St. N.
  • Children's Museum: 1201 28th Ave. N.

South Fargo: All recyclables except yard waste

  • Parking Lot (near CVS): 13th Ave. & 25th St. S.
  • Cash Wise Foods: 14th Ave. & 33rd St. S.
  • Lincoln School: 21st Ave. S., E. of 9th St.
  • Anderson Lift Station: 3083 43 St. S.

Glass, Metal and Plastics only

  • McKinley School: 2930 8th St. N. (newspapers also accepted)
  • Hawthorne School: 555 8th Ave. S.


  • Minnkota Recycling: 901 4th Ave. N. (office paper and cardboard)