ND Cares

ND Cares

The ND Cares Coalition includes a broad spectrum of more than 45 military and civilian professionals dedicated to the support of North Dakota Service Members, Veterans, Families, and Survivors (SMVFS). The coalition uses the broadest definition of Veteran and is working to encompass all individuals who are currently serving or who have served – the “total force”.

ND Cares is not a provider of services; rather, it is dedicated to improving understanding of the needs and services required by our SMVFS. The purpose of ND Cares is to resolve barriers or gaps in the services to ensure those serving and those who have served, their families, and survivors receive the care and assistance they need. To learn more about ND Cares, visit

ND Cares Community Program

The ND Cares Community Program is an extension of the mission of ND Cares to strengthen an accessible, seamless network of support for SMVFS. The ND Cares Community Program will:

  1. Create a welcoming and supportive environment across North Dakota for SMVFS.
  2. Increase awareness of local and state support of SMVFS.
  3. Include every community in our state- no matter how large or small.
  4. Establish local events to education the community and to honor the SMVFS.

Contact a Fargo ND Cares representative today by email or call 701.241.1388.